Mahlangu released after State withdraws charges

Mahlangu and his aide Malven Chadamoyo were facing trumped-up charges of stealing a cell-phone from self-styled war veterans’ leader, Joseph Chinotimba.

Mahlangu was arrested last week and on Friday given a US$50 bail but had to remain in custody after the State invoked the draconian Section 121 sub section 3 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.

However, yesterday, the State called Mahlangu’s lawyers at the Harare Magistrates’ Court and told them that they were dropping the charges, resulting in his release last night.
The arrest, detention and subsequent withdrawal of Mahlangu’s charges is a clear signal that Zanu PF, through the Attorney-General’s office, is engaged in a political game which has nothing to do with the rule of law. The withdrawal of the case means that these were trumped-up charges.

The MDC stands vindicated that there is a sinister plot to decimate the MDC and to whittle down its Parliamentary majority by engaging in a crackdown on innocent MDC MPs, officials and members.
Several other MDC MPs and senior officials are also facing various trumped-up charges while known Zanu FF officials who murdered and maimed innocent people in the violent run-up to the June 27 sham election roam scot-free.

Statement issued by the MDC