Founder and owner of Zimbabwe Metro dies

Postings on the message gives a brief on the death of a guy well known for writing articles for most of the websites, Zimdaily, The Zimbabwe Times, etc in addition to his own personal site and Zimbabwe Metro itself.

Asher died in a farming accident in Saskatchewan doing what he loved to do working on the land, learning skills he hoped to take back home one day.

He drowned in a wheat bin suffocated by the grain he was shoveling. A terrible accident. He is to be buried back home in Gutu as soon as travel arrangements can be made.

He is being mourned by all who met him and worked with him who all say they miss his contagious smile and friendliness. He was a great ambassador for Zimbabwe.

Here at the Zimbabwe Mail we would like to offer our condolences to Asher’s family and friends.

The message on the site reads:

I was at work when I learnt that Asher had passed away on Monday – July 27th 2009 at 3 pm while in Canada. His death is still being investigated. We at the metro are deeply saddened at the loss of this great man. For those that do not know: Asher owned Zimbabwemetro but preferred to run things from the background.

Many remember Asher for so many things, his humility and most of all his immense kindness, I remember Asher for a lot of personal things.

Asher taught me to let go and let live. He taught me not to let people’s opinions affect what I wanted to do. Asher was one of the few people I confided in and he was one who I knew I could be silly around and know that it was alright.

I miss him so much. I wish I had gotten a chance to tell him how important he was in my life and I wish I had gotten a chance to let him know how much I appreciate him. Life is very frail. I will miss you Asher. If you knew Asher and you will like to help or offer your condolences, you can write to his family members at

MDC’s Senator Obert Gutu says:

Tsanga Tutankhamen Shanga says: