You can’t stop this train: ED

The Sunday Mail

Levi Mukarati in Esigodini

Zanu-PF’s economy-focused conference, which ended here yesterday, has sent a loud message that the ruling party is “boldly on the move”, First Secretary and President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has said.

In his rousing closing remarks at the party’s 17th Annual National People’s Conference in Esigodini, Matabeleland South, which was themed “Zimbabwe is open for business: Peace, unity towards an upper middle-income economy by 2030”, Cde Mnangagwa declared that Zanu-PF was unstoppable in its quest to deliver better livelihoods.

To huge cheers, Cde Mnangagwa — who is the Head of State and Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Forces — said: “Here is the message from Esigodini. Those who have ears listen, those with eyes see: Zanu-PF is boldly on the move.

“We have an appointment with our destiny and we will not miss our destiny. Zanu-PF will not be distracted or destroyed, it will prosper.

“Prosperity for our beloved country and a better quality of life of our people is inevitable and it is us who must achieve it.

“Musangano wedu, Zanu-PF, wava kufamba senzou. Ucharamba uchiongofamba, uchingofamba, unchingofamba.

“Hapana unoumisa; tinoziva kwatinoda kuinda; tichafamba, tigongofamba tichingofamba vanovukura vachingovukura.”

Cde Mnangagwa said the resolutions adopted by the Conference marked a new era of implementation and development.

“All the resolutions were unequivocal and will certainly strengthen and consolidate the correct line as well as our desire to grow and modernise or revolutionary mass party,” he said.

“Zvisungo zvataita zvose hapana chatawana chatigozhera. These will further stand as a guiding beacon as we implement our polices and programmes in the coming year. Zvisungo izvi uchava mwenje watichatevera tichienda mberi.

“The spirit of unity, love, loyalty, cooperation and discipline within the party, must remain the solid foundation upon which our structures are build and strengthened.”

Added Cde Mnangagwa: “Party leaders and members alike should continuously and consistently concern themselves with the state of the party and seek to improve it always.

“Hard work, integrity, unity of purpose, honesty, sensitivity to the plight of our people regardless of social status must be synonymous with the party line.”

The ruling party’s President and First Secretary urged Conference delegates — who numbered in the thousands — to share their fruitful deliberations with their constituencies so as to galvanise Zanu-PF’s momentum.

“As we close our Conference, allow me once again to thank you for the commitment, discipline and focus which has characterised this conference,” he said.

“This is the nature and character of true cadres of a true revolutionary party.

“As you go to back to your respective provinces, I wish you safe travels and ability to disseminate the decisions we have made at this defining 17th National People’s Conference.”