JOMIC agree to make Kariba Draft Reference Document


    WE the undersigned negotiators of the Global political Agrrement ("the GPA") wish to clarify and explain what the three parties to the GPA agreed to be the place of the Kariba Draft Constitution within the constitution manking process agreed to and set out by the parties in the GPA. We do this so as to restore, reaffirm and defend the co-operative spirit among the parties to the agreement, which co-operative spirit is absolutely essential and indeed is a pre-condition for a successful conclusion to the agreed constitution making process.

    We hereby place it on record that the Agreement of the parties was that the Kariba Draft which was negotiated, agreed to and initiated by all three parties to the GPA would be used by the parties through the Parliamentary Select Committee ("the Select committee") to consult people on the new content of a new constitution of Zimbabwe. The agreement being that the Select Committee would take the Kariba Draft to the people and consult them on which provisions of the draft they agreed with and accepted and which ones they did not agree with. In respect of those they did not agree with the people would be asked what alternative provisions they wanted in their place.

    The Select committee would use the Kariba Draft to gauge which provisions were acceptable or not acceptable to the people of Zimbabwe who would be accorded unrestricted rights to accept or reject any provision therein and to put forward alternative provisions they would want included in the Constitution. The agreement of the parties did not seek to foist the Kariba Draft on the people but merely to provide a structured way of consulting the people so as to determine what exactly was acceptable and not acceptable to them. It is plain that the use of the Kariba Draft as an instrument of consulting the people does not in any way detract their unfettered right to determine the content of the constitution they want.

    As negotiators we thus appeal to all the parties to honour the agreement both in words and indeed so as to preserve the integrity of the GPA.

    SIGNED AND DATED ON THIS 23rd day of July 2009

    Tendai Biti(did not sign original document)

    Patrick Chinamasa(signed original document)

    Nicholas Goche(signed original document)

    Elton Mangoma(signed original document)

    Priscilah Misihairabwi-Mushonga(signed original document)

    Welshman Ncube(signed original document)