Moyo and Mnangagwa behind Biti bullet-in-post

Finance minister Tendai Biti on Monday morning received a live bullet and a written note enclosed in an envelope addressed to him at his Harare home.

Biti’s aide Nqobizitha Mlilo, confirmed that the 42 year-old secretary-general of the MDC and MP for Harare East constituency viewed this as a death threat on his life on receiving the 9mm bullet and note which was written in shona.

The note said: ‘raira nhaka’ ‘prepare your will.’ The bullet and the note enclosed in an envelope is believed to have been dropped at his house. The Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was informed of the incident and so was the acting president Joyce Mujuru.

Joyce Mujuru and her husband, General Solomon are the leaders of the rival faction fighting to control Zanu PF in the fierce succession battle raging on in the beleaguered party.

At the centre of the hate campaign by the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction on Finance Minister Tendai Biti is his last month’s declaration that he would seek to overhaul the country’s mineral laws and his resistance to accept that the Kariba constitution Draft be the constitutional reform reference document.

Mnangagwa and his business partner Billy Rautenbach have embarked on a grand plan to take over most of the country’s 600 mines in dodgy deals involving some International Western companies bursting sanctions prescribed by their governments.  

Biti’s statement has irked "Ngwena", (Crocodile, the name given to Emmerson Mnangagwa’s as a result of his ruthless traits), hence the latest full scale war on the MDC Secretary General.

The plan to attack and demonise Biti is led by a special task force in Mnangagwa’s faction headed by former Information Minister Jonathan Moyo and they have identified the Finance Minister a potential threat to higher office.

Every week Jonathan Moyo is now expected to write articles denouncing Biti, and the last instalment left him with egg on his face.

We can reveal that Jonathan Moyo is already working as Mnangagwa’s campaign manager for the long haul, since the day he became the chief architect of the violence that killed so many MDC supporters in the aborted Presidential run-off.

A Zimbabwe Mail team which has penetrated the centre of Zanu PF’s intelligence has managed to find vital information linking Moyo and Mnangagwa’s hands in the latest desperate effort to scare the Finance Minister and the biting of his aide’s mother in Mvuma.

Jonathan Moyo is not knew to these tactics, in 2002 as the Information Minister, he hatched a plan for the bombing of the Daily News, the country’s popular and now banned newspaper.

He was also involved, in a similar incident in which the then news Editor of Daily News on Sunday, veteran journalist Bill Saidi received a bullet in an en envelop.

Inside the envelope was a bullet and an unsigned and handwritten note addressed to the Editor: "What’s this? Watch your step."

The Zimbabwe Mail is now embedded in the centre of both Zanu PF factions and will pursue and smoke out information as the battle to succeed Robert Mugabe rages on.