Biti receives bullet in mail from Zanu PF terrorists


    Biti’s aide Nqobizitha Mlilo, confirmed that the 42 year-old secretary-general of the MDC and MP for Harare East constituency viewed this as a death threat on his life on receiving the 9mm bullet and note which was written in shona.

    The note said: ‘raira nhaka’ ‘prepare your will.’ The bullet and the note enclosed in an envelope is believed to have been dropped at his house. The Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was informed of the incident and so was the acting president Joyce Mujuru.

    ‘He’s a bit low and shaken up as a result of this episode,’ Mlilo said.

    The minister made a report to the police as he viewed this threat seriously. But the Central Intelligence Organisation, which is charged with protecting cabinet ministers has taken charge of the investigations. The bullet, note and envelope have since been sent for forensics in the capital.

    Biti, a lawyer by profession is a very vocal and fearless politician and is currently embroiled in a fierce battle for control of the financial levers of government with Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono.

    The fight between Biti and Gono, who enjoys the backing of the Defence Forces Generals, reflects the broader ongoing political struggle for control between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai which many fear may be played out in several other areas and key government institutions.

    The two have had clashes before, with Biti describing Gono as an “Al-Qaeda”-like official deserving to be put before a firing squad for his activities as central bank governor.

    There are reports the state security services are considering beefing up his security, though the minister has not asked for extra protection.

    Other analysts believe it might be a sinister plot by some people in ZANU PF while others are considering the possibility that the threat could be the work of a mentally unstable person