Zanu PF must fulfil its promises

IN order to make Zimbabwe a top income country by 2030, it is necessary that more jobs have to be created in the productive sector, a condition ignored in the just announced National budget!

Tendai Peter Munyanduri

More money has to be allocated to manufacturing and extractive sector. This has to be followed by agriculture, followed by scientific education and health sector. Ministers have to head ministries they have core qualifications in.

The Zanu PF government has allocated more money to non-productive sectors like the military, Home Affairs and the President’s Office, clearly indicating that the Zanu PF government is incompetent, corrupt and confused.

We were under White rule for about 80 years, and during that period, we have managed to build all cities, towns and railway lines that we have.

Zanu PF has ruled this country for almost 39 years, tell me, which city or town was built by Zanu PF? None, which railway line was laid by Zanu PF? Again none. The late Transport and Energy minister Enos Chikowore’s promise to construct Harare-Chitungwiza railway line in the late 1980s didn’t materialise. Zanu PF is a political party of cheats.