Brace up winter is here!

Usher sizzles on a cold day

Usher sizzles on a cold day

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The days are getting colder as we draw towards the winter season.

Not the best time for most of us who get up early in the morning but fear not, Cool Lifestyle brings you the best news ever!

Of course you can totally survive it, like you have every other year over the last donkey years leading up to your teens. Duh!

Moving on, the kind of surviving we are talking about is how we can make your winter rock.

Who says the cold season should be drab with piles of dull coloured clothes, big yawns when you get up in the morning and drag yourself throughout the day.

Here are ways in which you can give yourself the boost.

It all starts in the mind so I suggest yáll get a serious attitude change.

Winter is a part of us and no matter how much you complain it’s here and it’s coming back every year.

Try to sleep early and ensure you wake up early as well so that you are one step ahead in school, college and everywhere else.

Music helps

Motivate yourself and make a playlist on your phone or ipod of music that will get you dancing in the morning.

Like we always say, make your favourite song your alarm tone. Better yet, change it regularly so that it doesn’t become cliché.

They say bright colours are for summer because they have their way of just smiling on you.

We declare that these be for winter so that we spread that vibe when it’s cold.

In fact, be super stylish this winter and don’t hide behind piles of clothing. Now you have all the reasons in the world to steal Usher’s look and rock those ski hats, high-cut boots and fur jackets.

The girls can be stylish as well with the outrageous boots.

This is a once a year thing and I don’t know about you but I’ve fished

Go out and about

Instead of tucking yourself up in the house and hiding when it’s cold, why not hang out with friends and do sports or something.

Remember, if you choose to hibernate, you might pile on pounds so out and about you go!

And back to colour and everything else colourful we are loving Sevyn Streeter’s current hair colour.

While yours truly is playing it safe with shade a of brown, we love that the “It Won’t Stop” singer goes crazy good in grey.

Now there is something to try, if you are allowed that is.

That’s a wrap for this week.