UK: Sozzled Zimbabwean couple had sex in public, as crowd cheer them on

The couple whose indecent pictures have been circulating online since Monday were hosting a "Zimbabwe get-together" social party in the multicultural city of Bradford, about 200 miles outside London.

The Zimbabwe Mail will not publish the pictures in its pages as they are too ponographic for public consumption.

The pictures show a young man and woman engaging in sex on a sofa with a crowd clapping hands.

An eyewitness said: "It all started off as a joke, but after kissing non stop for about 10 miniutes the couple started exposing each other indecently without even bothering the presence of the visitors".

"We all could see the man in his early 20s playing with the woman’s private parts using his fingures while at the same time kissing unstoppable. Then suddenly the woman jumped to the man’s pants, pulled them down and started sucking his penis so madly," the eyewitness said.

"Visitors had to turn off the music as people watched in horror and shock," he added.

The eyewitness said, instead of restraining the visibly intoxicated dramatic couple, the crowd cheered them on.

There were defeaning screams of ecouragement from the onlookers, this, he said gave the intoxicated couple more confidence.

Following the screams, they went on to engage in an unprotected sexual intercourse in full glare of their visitors who included children as young as seven.

There were reports of children using their mobile fones in taking pictures of the intimate couple.

The bizarre incident went on for about half an hour until they all quenched their sexual thirsty in public. It is reported the couple fell asleep on a lounge sofa soon after their dramatic sexual encounter.