Palestine commemorates 67th anniversary of Nakbah Day

Palestine logoStatement Issued by the Embassy of the State of Palestine on the Occasion of the 67th Anniversary of the Palestinian Nakbah Day

SIXTY-seven years ago, the Palestinian people were subjected to an international conspiracy which led to the creation of the Zionist racist State of Israel on the land of historic Palestine.

Sixty seven years have gone by and the Palestinian people are still suffering the awful Psychological and physical consequences of the Zionist Israeli occupation to their land and properties.

The State of Israel was established by using terrorism and the power of the colonial rule through committing massacres and ethnic cleansing, which led to the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages and the displacement of more than 750 000 Palestinians scattered in refugee camps in Palestine and the neighboring countries. Today, they are seven million refugees.

Sixty-seven years and Israel is still committing heinous massacres and racist war crimes against our Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza, and get away with impunity.

Despite all the effort exerted regionally and internationally to reach peace through negotiations, Israel managed to destroy the hopes for peace by insisting on its racist apartheid policy of building settlements in the occupied Palestinian land and committing war crimes against our people, and its continuous judaisation of Jerusalem and suppression of the Palestinian prisoners and the persistence of the siege of Gaza, violating all the international and humanitarian laws and human rights of the Palestinian people.

This Israeli extremist behaviour is a direct result of the international disregard of the criminal actions of Israel against our Palestinian people which keep encouraging it to go further in its aggression and turn its back to the peace and destroy the two-state solution which the international community has agreed upon.

It is high time that the international community put an end to this human tragedy by taking brave resolutions and set a time table for Israel to withdraw from the land of the State of Palestine, and put an end to its ugly occupation and injustice that our people are suffering from since sixty seven years ago. Without this step, the peace in the region will never be achieved and consequently world peace will be always under threat. – Embassy of the State of Palestine