Michael Jackson a disgrace to the black race – Viomak


    Whilst many blacks are busy fighting inferiority complexes surrounding their existence Michael Jackson was busy dyeing himself white to prove to the world that being black is but a sin, a crime against humanity. So what was the singer paid for turning himself into white?A humanitarian ovation from around the world. Oh I see, a humanitarian who was inhuman enough to sexually abuse young children was accorded such humanitarian respect? Even the black fans are blind to the fact that Wacko Jacko didn’t want to be associated with their black skin. When will the world come to its senses?

    By the way I am a black Zimbabwean woman and so don’t bother labelling me  a racist like what many other blacks are saying when they hear a white person say Michael Jackson hated his skin colour. Yes Wacko Jacko hated being black and I don’t understand why some blacks are denying this fact. Wacko proved it beyond reasonable doubt.His behaviour was also very abnormal but the brother said Jacko’s behaviour was not abnormal. If Jacko was normal then I am abnormal. Is it normal for someone to change himself into someone else? I find it very abnormal. Why are some blacks defending Jacko’s idiocy? Common sense is not common. And you ask me why so many blacks are out of touch with reality and development.

    I watched and listened in shock and disappointment as the man who hated being black received accolades after accolades of sweet nothings from those who should have been around him during the moments of madness that graced his life until he murdered himself. Wacko is not worth to represent blacks in any way but should represent some doggy unheard of race. By the way, someone said sometimes a majority simply means that all the fools are on the same side. Paedophiles have become icons just because they managed to mastermind some high notes and twist right legs upfront whilst dressed like circus clowns, imitating life on the moon. This world is screwed up.

    Now this is it. Michael Jackson is a lunatic who chose to die than live. He made a choice by choosing to live on a cocktail of dangerous drugs and a fake white skin plastered on top of his natural black skin. He was a danger to himself and the black race too. His fans can choose to sweeten it up by calling the drugs painkillers but I call them drugs as in real drugs. You can call me a racist if that justifies your weird love for Paedo Wacko Jacko. Whoever said everyone not found guilty by a court of law is innocent. So many guilty criminals are leaving courts of law innocent, and Michael Jackson is one of them. He was found innocent only because he’s Michael Jackson the legendary singer.

    Right now I’m thinking about a good poor person somewhere within us. The man is not a legendary paedophile.The man is not a so called legend according to the world’s warped standards. The moment the man dies everyone forgets about him except God who created him. So the thing is the suffering poor are not being recognized because they are poor legends. Then you tell me the world is not discriminating against the poor. Ask the media about it.

    This king of paedophiles had no respect for his black parents too. Gogo Katherine gave birth to a black son and this son didn’t see it fit to be black and he decided to turn into white. What a pack of nonsense. I can only equate this kind of behaviour to a psychologically insufficient person. A foolish inhuman being who was suffering from a severe brain disability.Yes I take people who change into someone else to be extremely foolish and ignorant too. Why did you want to be someone else Wacko Jacko? You were God’s gift in your own right and changing into someone else is disrespectful not only to God but to your race, your parents and yourself as well. Oh you are a coward who feared to be black. A racist who thought the black race is a cursed race.Your inferiority complex killed you.

    Michael Jackson is the most foolish racist I have known. A bad omen that hated black. A good for nothing psycho who is being elevated to where he is not supposed to be by certain sections of the media and overzealous fans who just go where the wind blows without even talking a moment to think about the impact of his behaviour to the black race. Whoever called him Wacko Jacko is a genius.    You should have been taken to jail too for abusing your race Wacko. I feel sorry for the children you bought, especially Blanket.Even if you have everyone else as your fans Wacko, please be assured that there is one black Zimbabwean woman who doesn’t like you. You were a disaster to mankind. A threat to mother nature. I guess the devil is having a good time. I’m not going to lie to you that you were a saint because your fans are saying so. No, even God didn’t judge you according to the multitude of your fans and fame but, He judged you according to your weird works.

    I love myself and my race .I am extremely proud of being who I am and after failing to understand why Wacko Jacko changed into someone else I am convinced that he was a lunatic. Only lunatics would do that. Many of his fans think he’s Holy too so no one should call him a lunatic. But some of them call Jesus a lunatic .They think Wacko is more important than Jesus. Honestly fanaticism is a dangerous disease.I am convinced any black who takes Wacko Jacko to be a good role model needs to have a brain scan. I don’t know what the world would be saying if it was a white man who had changed into a black woman? Anyway, I don’t care about Wacko’s sexual orientation but am worried about a black man turning into a white person at this moment in time when the world is getting to appreciate that blacks deserve the respect that every other race deserves.

    Wacko Jacko was very disrespectful to the black race.The world is losing it. Almost everyone thinks Michael Jackson was everybody’s childhood favourite.Not me. Thank God. Almost everyone thinks Michael Jackson was a musical legend. Almost everyone thinks Michael Jackson was a great dancer. Almost everyone thinks Michael Jackson was not guilty of child abuse. Almost everyone thinks Michael Jackson was very fit before he died. Almost everyone thinks there will never be another pop artist as good as Wacko Jacko. So has the world of pop music ended with Michael Jackson?   Guess what .This paedo’s music was played non stop on Zimbabwe radio and yet only a few months back a Zimbabwean musician Farai Macheka committed suicide because his music was not receiving enough airplay on national radio . This is pathetic, but guess what, Wacko Jacko is not alone. Many blacks I know prefer to be white than black and it is only a matter of time before they turn themselves into white. Like Wacko Jacko they think it’s a curse to be black. They think by being white they raise their self esteem. God’s tears will drip on all those who are ashamed of being who they are.

    Let me tell you this.I have seen better dancers than Wacko .Zimbabwe too is blessed with great dancers.Tell me about Borrowdale dance, Congolese dance ,not forgetting Flawless. Moonwalk is nothing compared to these dancers. Now in America a legendary paedophile dies and the whole world is on the case showering him with unending appraisals. False appraisals were heaped on the departed paedophile because he was a legend. Whose legend? The world’s legend they say.He is not a legend to me, neither is he intelligent. The world is getting overzealous I tell you. When did intelligent people start hating their race? It requires a lot of stupidity and ignorance to hate your race in case you didn’t know. Now a coward who feared to be black is suddenly intelligent? This celebrity culture has gotten out of hand I tell you. A foolish paedophile who missed jail time because some irresponsible fans out there think his pop music is more important that an innocent boy’s private parts.So the message this Wacko guy is sending to his black fans is. Do away with the colour of your black skin if it makes you sad. Turn into white and buy white children.What a destructive teaching. This lousy world.

    Some black fellow wrote online that, “I don’t care about anything else that he did .The man was a music legend”.   Some people can be very foolish I tell you. This fellow doesn’t even realize that Jacko disgraced the black race and not caring about it only proves that the writer is brain dead. My question to you black fellow is, “Where you still going to call Wacko a music legend and listen to his music had he inserted his manhood in your 12 year old son’s mouth?”

    “This is it. This is it. When I say this is it .This is it”. A legend? Someone who paid a white woman to produce white kids. A black  hero? Whatever a black hero is. Someone who hated to be black is a black hero?Does this make sense to you? Someone who hated to be black is a black hero? It doesn’t make sense to me. Then the so called black hero lied to the white innocent kids that he was their white father. Oh my God. It’s so frightening. I really feel for the kids. When did black men start giving birth to white children? Oh my God where is this world getting to? The question that constantly rings in my mind whenever I hear of Jacko’s name is, “Does Blanket and the other siblings know that their white father used to be a black man? “To you he is an icon.To us he is family.” the sister said.

    My question to you sister is ,if you are family, where were you when your brother was turning into white?  I don’t think I would allow my brother to be such a disgrace to our race whatever the case may be. That would be extremely irresponsible and short sighted.Even people who don’t believe in God were heard saying God gave us the gift of Michael Jackson. When did paedophiles become gifts?Why would his music override the fact that he was an evil paedophile. The children he abused are more important than his music.

    All those who are saying Michael was a musical legend and the world has lost a musical icon should speak on their own behalf. The world includes everyone. Now his family was running around with his coffin saying he is too special to be buried anywhere and that some fans will steal his corpse. Please Michael Jackson is not Jesus. Jesus suffered for Michael Jackson‘s sins and was ridiculed and buried where people knew. Now this Michael Jackson seems to be holier than Jesus and his resting place has to be a secret. That’s the impression I got.He was just a musician and not a scientist. This celebrity culture is going out of hand I tell you.

    There will never be another Michael Jackson.They said.I pray this is true because I wouldn’t want to see more and more black people turning themselves into white. That will mark the end of the black race.   Somehow my conscience tells me that the dead body of the so called King of pop was not in that coffin at Staples. He could have been inside I agree, but I also agree that he might not have been inside there. Surely ,my conscience is telling me that he was not in there. The whole story of his life is in a sorry state and I can’t rule out anything weird. His ghost could be living too as reported.   Then a friend of fine called me after a long time of silence only to say to me, “Oh its been long since we talked but today I said let me call you because I am so hurt that Michael Jackson is no more." 

    I asked her if she realizes that Michael Jackson never wanted to be black like her.   

    She said, “Oh it’s the medication that he was on."  

    Then I asked her, if the medication also made him buy white children?  

    Then she said,   “Oh of course no but musicians are all like that”.

    Like what? I asked .   “Oh they do such kind of weird stuff you know but Michael Jackson was very intelligent and creative” she said.

    So you think he was intelligent? I asked her.

    So you call someone who sold more than 750miliion albums and died with no change intelligent? I asked again.

    As if that was not enough .What do I read in the Zimbabwe Chronicle .A black Zimbabwean man bragging that Wacko Jacko’s spirit was living in him. The lost soul went on to say that the disgraced singer had passed his torch to him.I really feel sorry for this David Ncube.Of all people why would anyone want Wacko‘s disgraced and directionless spirit to live in them.The wannabe Jacko went on to say that,“the world may laugh, but I can feel it in my bones that he is living through me. I am going to do everything in my power to make the world pay attention to me like it did to Michael Jackson”

    What a disgrace this David Ncube is.I didn’t laugh at his pea sized brain but I felt sorry for him.I thank God that this David is not my son. I won’t allow it to happen as long as I live. I’m sure even over my dead body too. It won’t happen. People should be proud of who they are. If a mother gives birth to a son that’s God’s gift to her and no son should overturn God’s decision. I pray Jacko’s ghost is not coming back to haunt David and others. Whatever people mean when they say Wacko changed American culture. What an ignorant and foolish genius he was. I will not miss him. 

    This article was written by Viomak.Viomak is a Zimbabwean  protest musician.