Marange baby mystery death: Businessman, dad speak out

Liberty Dube Weekender Correspondent
THE case of a two-year old boy who was found dead at St Noah Shrine in Mafararikwa (Marange), 11 days after his mysteriously disappearance in a suspected case of ritual killing, has taken a new twist.

The boy, Noah Marange, disappeared at a church convention on October 20 before his remains were discovered at the shrine in a state of decomposition on October 31.

This torched a storm with the superstitious community pointing an accusing finger at local rural businessman Tafadzwa Marange.

Marange, who is popularly known as Jinga, and is accused of killing the boy to enhance his businesses, has broken his silence and dismissed the accusations saying his hands are clean.

Jinga revealed in an interview with The Weekender recently that he does not need to be involved in ritual killings to enhance his businesses.

He argued that his wealth, which has envied his rivals, was a result of sheer hard work, determination and focus.

Tafadzwa Marange aka Jinga

In dismissing the accusations, Jinga said:

“I know that there are people who are linking my flourishing business empire to ritual killings, but that is not true. I am a hard-working and focused businessman. I started my business from scratch.

‘‘It was difficult at first, but I was determined and worked hard to be where I am now.

When I was told of those accusations by my friends, I could not believe it. The accusations were fuelled through the social media WhatsApp platform, and it was devastated. Can you imagine that I do not even know the women whom I am accused of conniving with to kill the baby?”

Jinga, who owns retail shops at Marange business centre was also accused of bribing Chief Marange with $10 000 to sweep the matter under the carpet.

Jinga dismissed the allegations, again, as malicious.

“My real name is Tafadzwa Marange and people are alleging that there are Ecocash transactions that show that I wired Chief Marange bribe money to kill the case. I have two Econet lines registered in my name Tafadzwa Marange.

Noah’s decomposing body

‘‘The allegations are shocking and malicious. At first I had elected to remain quiet and mind my own business, but the allegations are so damaging to remain silent. Yes I am related to Chief Marage, he is my uncle, but I have never bribed him as alleged. Why should I?” he quipped.

However, the boy’s father Noel Marange, insists that his son was murdered.

He also implicated – Mary Marange and one Ferere – who are the boy’s aunties, of facilitating his son’s disappearance and subsequent ritual murder.

He said post mortem results revealed that his son was strangled.

“After the incident we asked Mary where the baby had gone, but she professed ignorance over the matter. We then consulted Chief Marange to assist us since we were all confused. We took Mary to Chief Marange’s homestead, but she started evading questions when she was asked about what happened to my son. Her answers were conflicting, she was evasive.

“We then approached a sangoma from Chipinge who told us that the boy had been murdered, and that Mary knew what transpired. We also approached another n’anga that also confirmed the same.

‘‘We really want to know what transpired. We expected Chief Marange to act, but were shocked when he said he will wait for the police to carry out investigations before he acts,” said Noel.

When contacted for a comment, Mary denied any involvement in the alleged ritual killing.

“We went to a church gathering on the fateful day, and left Noah asleep in the tent. We later came back and realised that he had gone missing.

‘‘It was sad. Days later I was shocked to hear some relatives and villagers accusing me facilitating his murder. I really do not know what happened to him and my hands are clean on this issue,” she said.