Tsvangirai to meet Zuma over Mugabe's intransigency


    The meeting is ear-marked to push the regional bloc to convene an urgent meeting and deal with the remaining issues in the Global Political Agreement. 

    Zuma, who holds the rotating chairmanship of SADC, was sent a letter by Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara two months ago, asking for assistance in resolving outstanding disputes in the inclusive government.

    A SADC meeting was mooted for the end of this month but reports suggest it might be deferred until some time in September, forcing Tsvangirai to seek an urgent meeting with Zuma.

    James Maridadi, Tsvangirai’s spokesman, confirmed the Prime Minister was expected to be in Johannesburg by Friday evening for a scheduled meeting with Zuma.

    It is understood Tsvangirai is hugely frustrated by the lack of progress in solving the thorniest issues in the GPA, after Robert Mugabe on Monday apparently refused to budge on his re-appointment of Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono and Attorney General Johannes Tomana. The three principals have since declared a deadlock on these two issues, meriting intervention from SADC as guarantors of the deal.

    Meanwhile the three principals, during their Monday meeting, agreed that the National Security Council, which had still not met since the formation of the government will convene for the first time next week Thursday and thereafter on a weekly basis.

    Ambassadors from the MDC-T and MDC-M will be appointed on the 1st September. According to MDC sources Roy Bennett, the deputy minister of Agriculture designate, will finally be sworn in, together with governors from the two MDC formations in September.

    The MDC accuse Mugabe of not being serious and not moving on any of the main outstanding issues in the GPA. On Wednesday Tsvangirai met members of his parliamentary caucus who expressed concern over the high number of arrests and convictions of MDC MPs in the last two months.

    The MDC MPs warned their party President that illegal acts by militia and security forces against MDC supporters and officials could provoke a serious deterioration in the situation in the country.

    Mathias Mlambo, the MDC MP for Chipinge East, said that various legislators told Tsvangirai they were very concerned about the increasing number of MP arrests and emerging acts of violence by ZANU PF. SW Radio Africa