The Labour of MDC-T’s love

Tony Blair

Tony Blair

Morgan Tsvangirai and his opposition should, indeed as they must, accept that they may never rule this country.

And it’s not anyone’s fault – it’s not even in the stars.

It’s all because they are the wrong band of people to be an ideal opposition for Zimbabwe, and perhaps, anywhere else.

That is why in other climes the opposition leader should have been long booted out of the opposition party.

Or simply resigned as, at the time of reading this, Ed Milliband of the Labour Party in Britain, will have done.

They think it is honourable thing to do, they that taught us democracy.

Just as it is honourable for a politician who is caught in sex storms in high seas.

But we will return to Britain for a brief note on their May 7 elections.

Back to Tsvangirai, the reader may by now have read or heard about a survey by two pro-MDC groups: Afrobarometer and the Mass Public Opinion Institute, the former of South Africa being the more fancied of the two and traditionally sympathetic to the opposition.

These two think tanks told us this week that President Mugabe is more trusted, more popular than Tsvangirai.

But there is nothing new in that, is there?

We shall demonstrate that shortly.

Ed MIlliband

Ed MIlliband

Yet a point to make is that there are some elements in the opposition that have been crying to high heavens about the results of the survey.

Well, they may be too hurt to admit it or just too stupid.

Or too confounded.

Have you realised that there have been muted response from the MDC which may indicate confirmation of their own dwindling fortunes or lacking the wherewithal to respond to such scientific presentation.

The same way the party did to recommendations by experts such as Philani Zamchiya, who decried the party’s obsession of divine intervention; and apparently to by Alex Magaisa, who was careened from the comforts of the UK to work under Tsvangirai in the Prime Minister’s Office.

This is what MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said regarding the findings:

“On behalf of the MDC, I am currently preparing a detailed written response to the poll survey that has just been published by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI); working in conjunction with the research institute, Afrobarometer. The response will be published in the public domain within the next few days. Kindly watch this space.”

Get it from us, Gutu hopes us to forget about the story; the dust to settle on the matter, so he does not have to issue a response.

Anyway, does the party have a research institute anyway?

The last time we had the research guys had been chased away, unpaid, penniless.

But, of course, in the absence of any scientific, well- researched response, Gutu may take it upon himself to launch his usual shallow diatribes and high-sounding nothings against the findings.

Watch this space!

Truth experts knew

In August 2012, Freedom House, a US think tank, predicted that MDC-T would lose the elections that were to come in July 2013.

It found out that,inter alia:

• Zimbabweans have become more critical of their political leaders. While 40 percent said they trusted political parties “a lot” or “somewhat” in 2010, this has dropped to 30 percent in 2012. Based on the responses of the 53 percent of survey participants who agreed to state their political choices, trust in MDC-T, in particular, dropped from 66 percent to 39 percent, while trust in ZANU-PF rose from 36 percent to 52 percent.

• When asked who they would vote for if parliamentary elections were held tomorrow, 47 percent of respondents said they would not vote, or refused to indicate who they would vote for (up from 41 percent in 2010). Of the 53 percent who declared their preference, 20 percent said they would support MDC-T (down from 38 percent in 2010) and 31 percent zanu-pf (up from 17 percent in 2010).

These statistics backed what Afrobarometer had predicted a month earlier stating that: zanu-pf would garner 32 percent of the vote and MDC-T would receive 31 percent.

“A survey with 2 400 cases contains a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. Therefore, actual voting intentions lie somewhere within a range of 30-34 percent for zanu-pf and 29-33 percent for MDC-T.”

In an August Afrobarometer Briefing Paper No. 103, Michael Bratton and Eldred Masunungure explained that: “Correctly or not, some voters apparently attribute the country’s ‘right’ direction, the economy’s ‘good’ management, and improved delivery of educational services to zanu-pf. They do so even though the MDC-T has shared the leadership of the coalition government and headed the ministries responsible for economic management and education.

“At minimum, this result suggests that the MDC-T has failed to get out a message, or to convince die-hard supporters of the old regime, of its own contributions to better governance under the IG.”

And yet what did the MDC-T do with these authoritative findings?

They dismissed them and told us about the “margin of terror” blah blah blah.

Labour of MDC’s love

At the time of writing, the elections in the UK have been concluded and David Cameron

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The Labour of MDC-T’s love may be looking forward to routinely go back to work at No. 10 Downing Street.

Cameron is Conservative, the party that delivered a mortal blow to Labour Party and its hapless Ed Milliband.

Of course, Labour is the party of Tony Blair, for whom many Zimbabweans – and you can ask even Freedom House or Afrobarometer to do a survey if in doubt – do not associate with good.

Tony Blair is just when the rain began to beat us, when he reneged to fund land reform in Zimbabwe and later rallied the US and all the Western countries to impose punitive sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The other side of Blair’s hatred of President Mugabe and his revolutionary party his love for Morgan Tsvangirai and the quisling MDC party.

We are even told the MDC was hatched at Westminster.

Now, the elections in Britain gave us one interesting perspective.

There are many Zimbabweans who told us on social media, especially Facebook, that they voted and voted Labour.

We were made to understand that the main reason for this trend is that Labour is the Left and therefore more inclined towards the poor and immigrants while the Conservatives were anti-immigrant and occupies the right.

And, boy, how they loved expressing their “acquired rights”, as many told us!

But wait a minute, this is not entirely a labour of love, a duty.


The guys who were gushing about, and later cried, for Labour are known MDC-T sympathisers, supporters and members.

They were doing it for the MDC-T: it would possibly change their waning fortunes back home to have Labour back in power.

They were doing it for Tony Blair, for all times’ sake!

It was Labour of MDC love!