Enzo Ishall strikes again

IF charisma is a science, then Enzo Ishall is the master of that discipline.

The Zim dancehall chanter has set the music industry ablaze, thanks to a number of catchy songs that have hooked the public.

From the lyrics to his technique, there is something mesmeric about Enzo’s music.

While some might describe his music as junk, they still sing along and dance to it when it is played.

At the moment, anything the artiste releases is spreading like wildfire as his fan base is growing by the day.

While his biggest hit to date, “Kanjiva”, does not seem to be slowing down in terms of popularity, the follow-up “Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka” has also become an anthem of sorts.

Earlier this week, the lyrically gifted artiste struck again with another potential sing along tune titled “Next Time”.

The track, accompanied by a hilarious video, features Comic Pastor. The song tells a story of an individual whose face has been hit with a brick during an attempt to apprehend a thief who has stolen underwear from the washing line.

His friend is now telling him that next time when he hears people shouting that there is a thief on the run, heroics should be out of the equation to avoid sustaining injuries.

The humour in the song and the fact that many people can relate to such situations is something that will certainly aid in the success of the song.

While some have criticised the song for various reasons, this has not stopped it from causing a buzz in cyberspace.

Other songs from Enzo Ishall that have been doing well include “Handirare Kuden Kwenyu Futi”, “Ndarasa Mbanje”, “Chiita Kwacho” and “Ukunzwa”.

Meanwhile, with the festive period fast approaching, questions are already being asked as to which artiste will carry the Christmas spirit.

While Enzo Ishall, Baba Harare and Jah Signal are currently ahead of the pack, only time will tell if Winky D and Jah Prayzah will cover the lost ground with their new offerings.