2010 Road Construction To Displace Braeside Families

Leslie Gwindi, the Harare City Council’s director of works said the houses along the airport road would be demolished to pave way for the dualization of the road.

He added that the residents who have been given notices would be compensated.

The dualization is part of the plans of the Harare City Council of attracting tourists ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

The Residents who built their residential houses in the medium density along the airport road have registered discontent with the city fathers for giving them a month’s notice to vacate their houses to pave way for the dualization of the road.

Some residents revealed that they have been instructed by council officials to list their belongings to enable them to be compensated.

Several residents expressed disappointment as they were still in the dark on how much they would be compensated.

However, others said the expansion of the road is a positive move given the fact that the country has high hopes of hosting tourists arrivals from the 2010 World Cup to be hosted by South Africa.