Kasukuwere the new face of Robert Mugabe's terror

The terror was pronounced by Robert Mugabe on Saturday at the Warren Park cemetry when he buried one of his cronies Ackim Ndlovu.

The drama unfolded Monday in Harare when ZANU PF thugs disrupted the all-stakeholders’ conference at the Harare International Conference Centre, hurling abuse at the Speaker of Parliament Lovemore Moyo and bringing the proceedings into chaos.

SW Radio’s Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa said police stood by as the rent-a-crowd that ZANU PF used to disrupt the meeting pelted delegates, including cabinet ministers, with plastic bottles of water and shouted abuse. 

The MDC councillor for ward 6 in Bindura Rural, and Mashonaland Central province organizing secretary Gilson Chitakunye, sustained serious head injuries after he was brutally assaulted by the thugs. Chitakunye was detained in a private clinic in Harare.

The three principals to the Global Political Agreement, Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara, were conspicuous by their absence when the chaos erupted. The three were scheduled to address the conference after the welcoming remarks by the speaker, but the conference began three hours late, as the principals were nowhere to be seen.

‘There is confusion everywhere. People don’t know what is taking place. No one knows if the conference has been called off or re-scheduled, there is no information coming out from the officials,’ according to our Harare correspondent.

Tsvangirai has said he wants the constitutional process to be a genuine public process – with ordinary people given a real say in drafting the document. Mugabe in turn wants the constitution to be based on the Kariba Draft, which was drawn up by the parties last year. But civil society organisations say the Kariba document gives the president too much executive power.

In a statement, the MDC claimed the Zanu PF-induced chaos is obviously meant to derail the constitution-making process and to prevent the people of Zimbabwe from writing their own constitution. 

‘ZANU PF has chosen to disrupt a constitutional process enshrined in the Global Political Agreement. ZANU PF has not only walked out but disrupted a roadmap clearly defined by SADC and the AU as the only route to having legitimate leadership in Zimbabwe. Zanu PF has clearly relapsed into its violent mode to fight a legitimate national programme,’ the MDC said.

Political analyst Glen Mpani told us that these embarrassing developments affirm the assertions that ZANU PF is not committed to the GPA and that there is no incentive for change in the party.

‘To ZANU PF the whole constitutional review process is a charade to sow seeds of division in civil society and opposition with a clear agenda to strike at an opportune moment,’ Mpani said.

‘I hope those in the MDC who have been doing public relations on behalf of the inclusive government, can see through the devil incarnate and at least admit defeat,’ he added. Additional reporting by SW Radio Africa