Terrorist Kasukuwere behind terror at the Conference

Kasukuwere who owns the truck that killed the Prime Minister’s wife led a group of thugs that disrupted the conference in Harare today.

The thugs reportedly hurled water bottles, chairs and furniture at MDC MPs, members and civic society activists, who all maintained their composure despite the provocation.

They were led by Zanu PF MP and Politburo member Saviour Kasukuwere, who splashed water at the Speaker of Parliament, Lovemore Moyo. The MDC said in a statement that also leading the thugs were President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, Patrick Zhuwawo, self-styled war veterans leader Joseph Chinotimba and former Hatcliffe MP, Nyasha Chikwinya.

"The Zanu PF-induced chaos is obviously meant to derail the Constitution-making process and to prevent the people of Zimbabwe from writing their own Constitution".

"Zanu PF has chosen to disrupt a Constitutional process enshrined in the Global Political Agreement. Zanu PF has not only walked out but disrupted a roadmap clearly defined by SADC and the AU as the only route to having legitimate leadership in Zimbabwe. It has clearly relapsed into its violent mode to fight a legitimate national programme," said the MDC.

The party said judging by Monday’s events, Zanu PF MPs and the party’s delegates were clearly reading from a script whose sole agenda is to derail the Constitution-making process.

"First it was the failed attempt to foist the Kariba draft on the people. Second was the attempt to cheat on the accreditation process by bussing thousands of innocent old men and women to the venue. Now they have publicly declared war against the people of Zimbabwe who want a Constitution by themselves and for themselves.

"The plot is clear. The idea is to derail the Constitution-making process so as to delay the holding of free and fair elections which will inevitably see Zanu PF confined to the archives.

We urge SADC and the AU to immediately intervene to save the Constitution-making process which is under threat from Zanu PF thugs who have consistently shown their disdain of the GPA, to which they have appended their signature," said the MDC.