Zanu PF terrorist militias bases resurfaces

There are several reports from former ZANU PF strongholds, that militia bases have resurfaced and that the youths are harassing Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) members who refused to join ZANU PF after the controversial June 27 2008 Presidential run off election.

Mutsekwa said in an interview this week that he would be visiting all the concerned provinces to verify the reports.

“I will from next week begin touring the areas where reports of the resurfacing of militia bases are coming from to find out the truth.

I want to assure you that if I find the existence of such bases I will dismantle them and bring this violent practice to a stop once and for all, and as the minister of Home Affairs, ensure that those involved are brought to book.

“What we want is to create a free and peaceful Zimbabwe where no one is harassed and victimized for their political affiliation. We want a nation, which is peaceful, where people freely express themselves and associate with whoever and whichever political party they like.

I understand that they are office bearers who are ignoring these reports and professing, which is why I have decided to personally investigate the reports,” said Mutsekwa.

According to a recent comprehensive report shown to our reporter by a top MDC official, who cannot be named for security reasons, ZANU PF militia bases have resurfaced in Mashonaland West, East, and Central – with the youths being deployed to schools to harass teachers and declare no go areas for MDC activists.

It is reported that in Mashonaland Central Province there is a base at Muzarabani growth point where recently, ZANU PF provincial commissar, a Mudambanje, held a meeting together with one uniformed soldier, only identified as Kamusengezi.

The two reportedly summoned MDC members who refused to join ZANU PF last year after the June 27 elections and threatened them.

Five bases were also singled out in the report in Mashonaland East, Mudzi North and west are said to be located at Kachimana, Madzivanhanga, Chimukoko, Dzivaretsanga primary schools and Nyagupe Dam. A war veteran, known as Foroma and his lieutenants namely Charles Nyamuchigu, Tiger Nhamodzevarume, and one Chamboko who are giving MDC supporters a torrid time, is reportedly commanding the bases.

In Zvimba, Mashonaland west, bases are reported to be located at Madzorera and Mabvure schools with at least fifty party youths having been deployed to force villagers, children and teachers to attend rallies.

“The official who unveiled the report is worried about continuous harassment of people sympathetic to MDC after the formation of an inclusive government which brought hope among Zimbabweans, most of whom were victimized last year in June. Most of the youths harassing villagers are the same people who harassed villagers last year.

“Most of the cases have been reported to the police and local government in the respective areas but no responses have been received and we are disappointed. We are also not confident that the government is doing anything with regards to national healing otherwise we would not be seeing these things happening,” said the official.

The Progressive Teachers Union recently complained about the resurfacing of militia bases at schools. The union told journalists that two bases at schools in Masvingo and Chiredzi have been identified, with headmasters of the respective schools being forced to give youth militia offices to operate from.