MSU students win national competition

MIDLANDS State University (MSU) law students have won in the national finals of the 2018th edition of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Moot Court competition on State and Statelessness held at Africa University in Mutare from October 26 to 28.


The MSU team — which comprised three law students in their first, third and fourth years, respectively — beat the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) in the finals to clinch first position.

Four law schools, including MSU, UZ, Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) and Zimbabwe Ezekiel Gutu University, participated in the contest.

“Teams were presented with a case study focusing on the most pertinent and topical issues in refugee law and specifically those pertaining to State and Statelessness. Representatives from each law school were expected to address the legal problem, presenting legal arguments before a panel of Judges, drawing on current crisis situations,” MSU said on its official website.

“The MSU winning team, comprising Mazvita Mlambo (a fourth-year student), Ryan Sitotombe (a third-year student) and Tanyaradzwa Gava (a first-year student), will now go on to represent both the university and Zimbabwe at the All African Moot Court Competition on State and Statelessness to be held in Botswana.”