Mugabe whinge on about the West setting conditions on aid

Mugabe on Saturday told his supporters in Harare that the West had humiliated the country’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai – with whom he formed a coalition government in February – for calling for reforms before aid.

In an apparent reference to the trip Tsvangirai made to the United States and Europe last month to seek financial aid, Mugabe said: ‘Let’s not humiliate ourselves any further. We go to those friends who are prepared to work with us and work with us on the basis of partnerships on equal terms.’

The long-time president of Zimbabwe was speaking at a state funeral of an ally and top commander during Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle in the 1970s.

Tsvangirai and members of his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party snubbed the state funeral.

The 85-year-old Mugabe said no Western nation had a right to question if the coalition government was working.

The coalition followed a hotly disputed election in which Tsvangirai pulled out at one point, citing violence targeting his MDC party supporters.

Investors are wary of investing in Zimbabwe due to the political instability amid a collapsing economy. Critics blame Mugabe’s economic polices for the country’s meltdown.