Baker hits back

By Ian Baker
I’VE been called many things in my time but being branded an ostrich by a football manager is a new one on me. Leicester boss Nigel Pearson took exception to my request for him to expand on his comment that players have received criticism this season. And the amazing rant that followed criticised me for “having my head in the sand”, accusing me of being “stupid” and “very silly” while comparing me to an African wildlife creature.

But as a thick-skinned journalist it is water off an ostrich’s back!

We live in a 24-hour world of social media where every little word is scrutinised.

Journalists’ disagreements with football personalities happened years ago without YouTube and Twitter but were not reported.

I think Nigel is unfortunate that what would have probably not been reported years ago has spread like wildfire today.

I’m sure he will look back on the comments this morning and regret them.

As journalists you have to follow up statements that are unclear to you. It is your job.

Pearson’s Leicester side may well have been bottom of the English Premier League from November-April but they actually played good football.

Colleagues, pundits and opposing managers have been quick to praise the Foxes for their resilience and style of play.

Of course plenty of criticism has been received by Pearson for his off-the-field behaviour.

But in terms of his players very little indeed. I struggle to remember a side that have been bottom of the table for so long earn so much praise.

So to be taken to task for asking a genuine question appears rather bizarre. — AFP.