Zimbabwe College of Music in exciting show

Anesu Mawarire Entertainment Reporter
The Zimbabwe College of Music band wowed the audience on Wednesday at Hifa with their good performance in Coca-Cola Green. Amongst the songs that got fans on their feet were the famous instrumental “Waka Waka” and the rumba fusion of “Sina Makosa”. The performance was an extraordinary combination of brass, marimba and saxophones interlocking traditional and Western instruments.

The dance floor became a global village as Koreans, Chinese, Swedish, Japanese and Zimbabweans danced together to the music.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, executive director of the band Rachel Chigwanda applauded her team for an outstanding performance.

She also shared their secrets to success which included her team being fully exposed to different genres and mainly focusing on pleasing their audience.

“My students have exposure to so many different genres so much that they have learned the essence of fusing traditional and Western music.

“Technically we call this fusion poly rhythms were we interlock various categories of music such as rumba and traditional, as you witnessed in our song ‘Sina Makosa’ fused with marimba and hosho.

“When teaching these students we emphasise on them focusing on pleasing their audience. If audiences look unhappy excite them by putting more effort in interacting with them.

“A good relationship is needed to be created all the time for a lasting impression,’’ she said.

Besides Hifa, they have also participated in events such as the Carnival and also at the International Marimba Steelpan festival last year in August and at the Allied Arts festival where they were awarded for best performance.

Chigwanda stressed upon the importance of formally educating upcoming artists as it becomes easier when interacting with international artists enabling them to read and write music together.

A well known product from the institution is gospel sensation Pastor Charles Charamba who has been taught and mentored there. Hifa has opened new doors for them facilitating partnership with the Mozambique and Namibia Colleges of music and the embassies of Belgium and Ghana.

The sky is the limit for this vibrant group of young musicians who have toured in various countries proudly representing Zimbabwe