Mbira night promises fireworks

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent

Mbira is one instrument that is key to African music as it adds traditional vibes to music. Several mbira groups have toured different countries and they have managed to thrill different people with the instrument. For decades the instrument has been played at different occasions with most of them being religious rituals, royal courts and some social events.

With the music bringing numerous intertwined melodies, the genre has a large following in the country. Though several groups from the genre have been performing well, Mbira Dzenharira and Mawungira Enharira have been outstanding.

Tonight the two groups unite for a show at the Book Cafe. With the two groups being outstanding, a lot is expected at the show. Recently Mbira Dzenharira headed by Tendai Gahamadze promised to bring new stuff to their fans. They have been sampling the songs following their announcement that they have settled with Gramma records as their new recording stable.

“We are in the studio now but we cannot give the exact date of the release. We have been sampling some of the songs on our shows,” Gahamadze said.

Turning to tonight’s show Samaita, as Gahamadze is fondly known, said they are always prepared for shows.

“We always like to give our fans the best and we are happy that Friday show will be one of the best,” he said.

On the other hand Mawungira Enharira has been outstanding and they have performed in different parts of the world. Fronted by Wilfred “Nyamasvisva” Maafrica the group has been consistent in the genre. With more than five albums to their name, the group has managed to thrill fans whenever they take stage.

Event organiser Benjamin Nyandoro of Jive Zimbabwe said presentation of local music circle would not be enough without mentioning mbira music.

“We cannot say much about music without mbira. There is need for us as Zimbabweans to keep giving our support to the music,” he said.

Nyandoro said the show will also see the organisation that is responsible for selling music online unveiling their offices at Book Cafe.

“Our offices are in Newlands but we have found it proper to have a branch at the Book Cafe a place that is accessible to every artist,” said Nyandoro