Premier League accused of using Econet to seek sponsorship

The Zimbabwean media has heavily linked the company with a return to the domestic Premiership, as the flagship sponsor of the league, once the top-flight body officially ends its marriage with CBZ Holdings.

"Econet Wireless notes recent reports in the media linking the company to the Premier Soccer League," read a statement released by the company’s corporate communications manager, Rangarirai Mberi.

"Econet wishes to state clearly that these reports are wholly false. Econet is not considering sponsorship of the Premier Soccer League, now or in the future.

"This has previously been communicated to the media. There has been no change to this position. No discussions whatsoever have been held with the PSL. Therefore, to claim otherwise is to engage in speculation."

The Zimbabwean Premiership has been running without a sponsor for its major championship after CBZ Holdings decided against committing itself to bankroll the league because of challenges in the banking sector.

Econet sponsored the 2005 Premiership championship as part of what was a five-year deal, but the company terminated its marriage with the league after problems arose following CAPS United’s decision to be bankrolled by rivals Net One.