ZiFM presenter comes with new EP

Leroy Dzenga

Arts Reporter

ZiFM presenter Paul “PD” Dendere releases an Extended Play (EP) hip hop project titled “Trust the Process” today (Friday).

PD, who co-hosts The Fixx with Lady K, provided the conceptual direction to the artists who graced the project.

“The project is mine because I produced and conceptually each song was my idea so I have these talented artists who then bring to life the message that I want to put out and I co-produced with some other talented producers too. The final arrangement of the songs is all me too,” PD said.

Probably drawing from the influence he wields in local hip hop, his EP has a strong, diverse feature list with people who have strong individual discographies.

“On Trust The Process I have; Kevin Munetsi, Nutty O, GZE, Myke Pimp, K Brizzy, Courtney Antipas, Simba Tagz, Jazz Prosper, Reverb7 & Nameless,” the wheel spinner formerly known as Hollywud PD said.

There have been concerns by artists who feel that radio personalities who release music conflate the critic, competitor boundary but PD maintains that he can release music and still be objective.

“It’s not a conflict of interest at all because before radio I was a music producer and I have been producing for others even when I started radio so there is no conflict there. Music production and writing came first before radio broadcasting so I’m just blessed enough to be able to do both,” he said.

As a creative who understands the hip hop industry from a curative vantage point, PD promises to promote his EP in a different way, the usual has seen projects die an instant death after release.

PD said; “Most definately I will be on a serious promotion to make sure that the music reaches everyone and everyone knows about the music. Firstly I will make sure I utilize platforms like these, newspaper, magazines and also blogs.I am going to work on videos, already I have the video for More Life out and that one has already been doing well.”

He added; “I will be taking it abroad also and have the music played within the SADC region and beyond.”

PD has been involved in music production from the early 2000s with friends Simba Tagz and Reverb7.

The people he has worked with also include Andre, O-25, Kapital K, Tehn Diamond, Cal_Vin, Kidd Aktive,Tulkmunny, Fungai Nengare, Myke Pimp, GZE, Vito and many more.

His biggest release to date is “Hapana Chekumirara” featuring Simba Tagz and GZE which was released in 2015.