Kirsty commends artists for fighting corruption

Vongai Mbara, Arts Correspondent

Minister of Sport, Arts and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry has commended local artists for fighting corruption through their crafts.

Speaking at the press conference in Harare this week, the minister said she was impressed by the amount of talent in Zimbabwe and their works in fighting corruption.

“Through arts, another great passion of mine, there is so much talent being showcased and works being published and produced against corruption. Our artists sing about it and some create shows about it. These are all active and commendable ways we can fight corruption,” said Coventry.

The minister added that her ministry will be taking action in making sure that young people are given equal opportunities to contribute to the economy.

“My ministry is implementing various programmes, policies and strategies to ensure that young people are given real opportunities to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to our economy.”

She also urged young people to abstain from all forms of corruption and use their voices to bring positive change.

“I urge all young people of this nation to desist from all forms of corruption and to be a voice of positive change in our fight against corruption.”