Miss Africa Ireland defends new Miss World Zim

Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote

Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Kachote

Anesu Mawarire Entertainment Reporter
Zimbabwe-born model, who won the Miss Africa Ireland title Bianca Simari, has shielded new Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Tatanga Kachote from a barrage of criticism and praised her for a job well done.

The newly crowned queen Emily has been blasted by locals on social media who dismissed her title calling her all sorts of names and photo-griding her pictures with other models.

However, some disputed the criticism, with many modelling gurus and expects announcing that she is a super queen, fitted for the title.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment Bianca said it is not solely about the looks when contesting but mainly about beauty with brains.

“What good is it having a dumb beautiful girl represent Zimbabwe?

“Emily Kachote has her unique beauty and brains. She is an accomplished lady with a good job and she’s got ambition like me and knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to go for it,” she said.

The beauty queen urged Zimbabweans to fully support Miss World Zimbabwe and shun pulling her down.

“Miss World Zimbabwe will definitely make us proud. No doubt. Her level of confidence is contagious showing that she has indomitable potential to not only represent Zimbabwe but also Africa at Miss World.

“The most important question I’d say has risen from this is whether or not she is the right queen or not. It is not a matter of just judging a book by its cover because the general public are judging her by looks alone when really what should be done is checking her background and assessing if she can represent our nation on a world scale of which she can. She is a financial advisor that is quite a good job that shows she has the brains.

“Also, what most people do not know is that for her to end up being queen there was work behind the scenes in boot camp which all pageants do as training the models. It is a process training one to be a queen so what you see on television is the result of the training behind the scenes and when the judges are judging they obviously chose unbiased the best lady who suits every criteria to be queen.

“I think Miss Emily Kachote is the chosen one because they saw something on her that is extraordinary and we should embrace our ethnicity and run away from the impression of thinking light skin is beauty. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it is not but there are many shades of black. We are the only race on earth to have so many skin colours all classed as black and we should also continue to support each other,” she said.

The beauty queen has also proved to have beauty with brains as she is a law student.

She urged Zimbabweans to unite in supporting our newly crowned Miss World Zimbabwe.