JUST IN: President blasts lethargic Youth League

Herald Reporter
ZANU-PF President and First Secretary Cde Mnangagwa has described the party’s Youth League as lethargic and invisible with regards to mobilising and organising its constituency for full participation in the economic affairs of the country.

Addressing the revolutionary party’s National Youth League Assembly in Harare today, President Mnangagwa said it is unacceptable and a misnomer that the Youth League is on mute when it comes to the economic, developmental trajectory of the country.

Youths attending the revolutionary party’s National Youth League Assembly

“Government has stated that we are moving with speed to implement the devolution of Government power thereby promoting the development and growth of Provincial economies. It is our expectation that the Youth League by now, should have, organised the Party Youth from Branch, Ward, District and Provincial levels identify economic prospects within their localities and initiate sustainable economic projects,’’ he said.

“The future belongs to the young people, yet you as the Party youth leadership are lethargic in your approach. This present situation has to stop and stop forthwith,” he said

President Mnangagwa urged the Youth League to prevent and root out corruption saying those using Party programmes to siphon and misappropriate money for personal use will face the wrath of the law.

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