Zapu and Zipra dismayed by Zanu-PF

Ackim Ndlovu is the founding commander of all the guerrillas who fought the war of independence. 

Zanu-PF knows that. Ackim Ndlovu conferred himself hero status by offering his life to be among the very first group of sons and daughters of Zimbabwe to undergo military training and wage the armed struggle.

Ndlovu became the first commander of that force. It is an insult to his sacrifice that a group of people, calling themselves the politburo of Zanu-PF, a splinter of Zapu for that matter, to say they are consulting each other over his status.

As far as Zapu is concerned, Ackim Ndlovu is hero of heroes who does not deserve to suffer the indignity of having to be “vetted” by people, some of whom were not even born when he started the armed struggle. Zanu-PF should know that whatever declaration they make at the end of their consultation, that decision is of no consequence to us.

The tendency by Zanu-PF dilly-dally according hero status to Zipra and Zapu people has become routine, and does not bother us anymore. Ackim Ndlovu’s case is the final shovel in the grave of the 1987 Unity Accord. Zanu-PF’s persistent attempt to downplay the role of Zapu and Zipra in the liberation of this country continues to vindicate our decision to pull out of the Unity Accord. 

We wonder what those who are ex-Zipra and Zapu are still doing in that political museum called Zanu-PF if they cannot even convince their  colleagues to recognise their own role in the struggle.

Ackim Ndlovu joins other gallant sons of Zimbabwe such as the late Lookout Masuku, Swazini Ndlovu, Masala Sibanda, and most recently, Wilford Lizzat Sibanda, who lie buried in Bulawayo and other places, instead of the national heroes acre, thanks to Zanu-PF’s poisoned politics of hatred.

For the record, Ackim Ndlovu had to flee the country to save his life when Zanu-PF turned against Zapu and Zipra during Gukurahundi. He went to Zambia and then Norway where he stayed as a refugee, only to return after the unity accord.

We thought Zanu-PF would at least leave him to lie in peace by finally recognizing that he was indeed a hero. Where is the national healing that they preach about?  They are scratching old wounds at a time when they were healing on their own.

Thank you.

Methuseli Moyo
Director Communication and Marketing