Mugabe’s tongue a threat to re-engagement


    The language is not only unPresidential, but is a kick in the face to all efforts to re-engage with the international community after so many years of isolation.

    It represents misguided and cheap arrogance which has needlessly besmirched and soiled the image of Zimbabwe as a member of the family of nations.

    While it is fact of life that people disagree, this should not be a licence for a Head of State to use gutter language against others.

    It is pertinent to note that while the President of Zimbabwe has the luxury of abusing others and maligning them at will by branding them idiots, repressive laws such as the Public Order and Security Act make it a criminal offence for Zimbabweans to use similar language against him.

    As a party of excellence, the MDC believes in differing with dignity. As Zimbabweans, we are known for our civility and our humane demeanour which, even in times of crises, has made us a nation of proud people who can stand tall anywhere in the world.

    The kind of language emanating from such high political offices is costly to the nation’s dignity and represents the politics of misguided arrogance and yester-year mischief which the progressive MDC forces in the inclusive government are working hard to undo.

    Luke Tamborinyoka; Director of Information and Publicity
    Movement for Democratic Change