Gono, Tomana remain an outstanding issue – MDC


The MDC is aware of the existence of a small chorus calling for Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono and Attorney-General Johannes Tomana to remain in office, but their case remains one of several outstanding issues which must be resolved in line with the Global Political Agreement and the SADC resolution of January 2009.  

The case of the two gentlemen is not motivated by personalities, but by principles and objective factors. The controversy of their case arises out of their unprocedural appointment by only one of the three principals to the GPA without the consent of the others.

Today’s press reports quote the Deputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara, who is one of the principals to the GPA, as saying that Mr Gono and Mr Tomana have the highest qualifications for office and he was prepared to work with them.

The minute and inaudible voices calling for the retention of Gono and Tomana have clearly been drowned by the national chorus for change. The MDC’s unequivocal position, as expressed in the resolutions of the party’s ninth annual conference held in Harare on 29-31 May 2009, is that the two gentlemen must resign in the national interest.

Tomana, the government’s chief law officer, has publicly declared his support for Zanu PF. How does the chief legal advisor of a tripartite inclusive government express his allegiance to one political party and still claim impartiality in the discharge of his duties? Mr Gono has left ordinary Zimbabweans with worthless paper under their pillows as he kept the printing press running to fund illegal quasi-fiscal activities and to oil the Zanu PF terror campaign. Under his tenure, the central bank became a privatized quasi-political entity that had nothing to do with the national interest.

As a party, we are clear that the principals have deadlocked on these issues and we have since referred the issue to SADC, the AU and the mediator. We await their response to the delay in the resolution of all outstanding issues which include the continued crackdown on MDC and civic activists, the delay in the swearing-in of Deputy Agriculture minister Hon Roy Bennett, the appointments of provincial governors, permanent secretaries, ambassadors and the failure of the National Security Council to meet despite a clear Constitutional provision to that effect.

As our vice President Hon Thokozani Khupe said a fortnight ago, we are worried that we have remained the polite and subservient upholders of the GPA against clear evidence of the absence of a reliable and honest partner.

We are a party of excellence. We do not believe in personalizing issues of national interest, but we believe also that the national interest is greater than the ego and the political fate of two individuals.

Together to the end, marching to a new Zimbabwe.