LATEST: Two trains collide at station in Joburg

A crowd gathers around the trains that collided.

A crowd gathers around the trains that collided.

Johannesburg – One person has died and up to 90 others were injured when two trains collided at the Denver train station in Johannesburg on Tuesday morning.

ER24 spokesman Russel Meiring said that the man who died was presumed to be the driver of one of the trains.

One woman, who was trapped between one of the trains and a wall, was removed by ER24 paramedics and other emergency services and airlifted to a nearby hospital.

“All the patients are being moved over to a nearby platform where they’re being treated and then transported to nearby hospitals for further emergency treatment,” Meiring said.

Meiring said it was unclear whether both trains were moving or if one was stationary at the time of the crash.

Metrorail spokeswoman told Radio 702 that the trains were travelling from Pretoria and that the cause of the accident would be investigated.

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters’ spokesman Tiyani Rikhotso tweeted that the minister “wishes a speedy recovery to those injured in the Denver train crash. She will get report from Metrorail”