Ten year-old publishes book

Dadiso holding her book

Dadiso holding her book

Mathew Masinge Cool Lifestyle Writer
It is often said that If you have other things in your life – family, friends, good productive day work – these can interact with your writing and the sum will make you all the richer.

This could have been the case with 10-year-old UK-based Zimbabwean Dadiso Mutisi who wrote her first book titled ‘Mums’ after she was inspired by her mother. She has recenty launched the book on Bookemon, a free online book creation and sharing utility for young authors.

In her book, Dadiso reveals how mothers should take care of their children by giving special care, the different attention they should give and where to take their children for fun.

Dadiso’s book has 28 pages and is available for online reading and download on Bookemon.

In an interview with CLS, the young author said her parents contributed much to her success.

“I am lucky to have one of the best couples as parents, my mum helps me a lot with school work and life lessons and my dad is a successful businessman. They both inspired me with thoughts of writing a book for other mums to follow so that their sons and daughters can be inspired by them too. I just wrote the book for her,” she said.

The 10-year-old Oxford girl said it took her six months to complete the book.

“I first wrote a few chapters of the book and broke off because I wanted to concentrate on school work. After I finished my exams a month later, I finished the rest of the book”, she said.

Dadiso said she sold some copies of her book and donated the proceedings to her school’s drum group.

“When my book came out I was happy because I made my parents proud. My friends and everyone at school congratulated me. After selling about 50 copies I gave all the money to my school’s drum group so that they can buy some more instruments”, she said.

The young author who is also into knitting said she has a timetable for her daily routine.

“I behave like all normal kids, I go to school and even like Mathematics more. I do my homework first watch television, have dinner and play with my brothers then sleep early”, she said.

Dadiso who is always fond of coming to Zimbabwe for holidays said she is already working on her next book.

“My next book titled ‘Dads’ will be out soon, I am already working on drawing the pictures which I think are my setbacks because they require more time. It is going to be an interesting one too”, she said.

Her wish is to be a great fashionista and aspires to enter the political arena as well.

“I am a fan of art, fashion and so I wish to be one of the best fashionista the world has ever seen. I will not end there, my biggest dream is to become UK’s next female Prime Minister who will change the world before Christ returns”, she said.

Dadiso also enjoys swimming, reading many books, a big fan of Disney Junior, and has an MP3 player as her favourite gadget. She has encouraged other children to try, try and try again and never give up until they reach their goals.