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Meet the cast

Meet the cast

H2O: Just Add Water, also known as H2O, is an Australian dramatic fantasy television programme for children and teenagers created by Jonathan M. Shiff.

It first screened on Australia’s Network Ten and runs in syndication on channels in over 120 countries and has a worldwide audience of more than 250 million.

It was filmed on location at Sea World and other locations on the Gold Coast. The show’s premise revolves around three teenage girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist: they’re mermaids with powers over water. The theme song “No Ordinary Girl” is performed by Ellie Henderson in series one, by Kate Alexa in series two and by Indiana Evans in series three.

Only two series with a total of 52 episodes were originally planned, but due to popular demand, a third and final series was filmed. Series one premiered in July 2006, followed by series two in September 2007. Series three first aired in the United Kingdom in October 2009, with the Australian premiere occurring in May 2010.


Rikki Chadwick, Emma Gilbert, and Cleo Sertori are three sixteen-year-old Australian girls who find themselves stranded on the mysterious Mako Island. They eventually find themselves in a pool under a dormant volcano just as a full moon passes overhead, bathing the pool in light.

The girls are rescued and brought back to shore where they return to their normal lives, but soon discover their lives have become anything but normal.

The girls find out that seconds after contact with water, they transform into mermaids. After further experimentation, the girls also discover they have supernatural powers over water. The trio enlist the help of Cleo’s friend Lewis McCartney to help them keep their secret.

Everyday situations, such as bathing and rain, become tricky as the girls struggle to cope with their newfound abilities, which have many advantages and disadvantages, while also trying to keep them a secret from everyone else, including their families.

They soon adapt to their new abilities and lifestyles.

Series two introduces Charlotte Watsford, a rival to Cleo after taking Lewis as her boyfriend.

She gains mermaid powers and becomes the main antagonist of series two. She has all three of the mermaids’ powers. In the end, Charlotte loses both her powers and Lewis.

Series three sees the departure of Emma, who has left to travel the world with her parents, and the arrival of Bella Hartley, who has been a mermaid since the age of nine.

Rikki and Cleo become friends with Bella, but are soon beset by a mysterious tentacle of water with a connection to Mako Island.

A new boy, Will Benjamin, also arrives and become friends with the trio when he discovers that they are mermaids.

The girls learn that Earth is in the path of a comet that could destroy the planet.

Using their powers, they manage to stop the comet from colliding with Earth.