Bringing back Manheru sign of Zanu PF losing propaganda battle

But despite controlling the sole broadcaster, the only national daily, and several weeklies – all of them spewing Zanu (PF) propaganda – Shamu has apparently realised that Zanu (PF) is still losing the propaganda battle, and has decided to bring back its vitriolic defender of the realm.

This is further proof that when government suppresses the creativity of its editors and forces them to tow one line, when the time comes for them to change, even in defense of the same government, they will not be capable.

Deluded Charamba back for hardliners’ propaganda

But this will play itself out in front of our eyes, so we need not go deep into it, rather concentrate on Charamba who has come back on a misfiring note.

In his vain disillusion Charamba wrote as Nathniel Manheru on China’s mysterious US$950m loan like someone possesed by evil spirit, desperately trying to find a crack through which to infect the party that has shown in a few short months what it means to deliver to the people.

The fact that Charamba chose to attack the Prime Minister’s successful trip to the West, which has breathed life into the health and education sectors and is going to smoothen the transition to democracy, is a measure of its success.

Now the people know who is the man, the one who is putting food on their tables, and opening the schools and hospitals, and they know this despite Zanu (PF)’s control over the state media. This is what has awakened Manheru from his slumber.

Nightmares in Shake-Shake House (Zanu PF headquarters) that Zimbabweans are now saying, if Tsvangirai could reverse all the Zanu (PF) damage that had brought them hunger and disease in so few months, then we better just let him run the country unimpeded by Zanu (PF) backsliders;

This is the nightmare that woke Manheru to start walking naked in the glaring sunshine of a new Zimbabwe, where the power of brutish violence has been neutralised by a systematic approach to improving people’s lives, even ignoring the provocative detentions and trials of MDC activists that they hoped would trigger violent reaction. Slowly but surely the courts are dealing with that.

The other nightmare for Manheru arises from the realisation that China has now finally found trustworthy development partners who she can trust with such a large loan. If, as Biti has said, the loan was applied for as far back as 2005, why has China suddenly decided to give the money now, four months into Tsvangirai’s administration?

If Charamba is not careful he is going to be burnt by the bright sun rising in the East!

Typically of Zanu (PF) Charamba belittles the US$200-plus that the Prime Miniser managed to receive in pledges from the West, yet if well-managed, certainly not by Gideon Gono, it can go a long way to building basic infrastructure for delivery of services to bring the country back to a semblance of what it was before Zanu (PF) destroyed it.

Far from trying to upstage the West in helping Zimbabwe, China has actually realised that Zimbabwe, through the policies of the MDC in finance and development may well be back on track, if it does not get derailed by forces which still refuse to accept change.

Despite the propaganda by state editors, still as green as they were when came into the newsrooms twenty and more more ago, Tsvangirai has already mounted the messiah pedestal! He is not trying to mount it.

Bagfulls of money is what Zanu (PF) dreamed Tsvangirai was going to bring back from the West, but he made it clear a week into the trip, that his trip was being misrepresented; he had come to reengage with the West after 10 years of isolation.

And he was told the terms of the re-engagement – set the people free, be accountable, let the people choose their leaders, the same things that Tsvangirai and Mugabe have already agreed, but which Mugabe is failing to fulfil his side of the deal.

Manheru deludes himself that Zimbabweans have turned against Tsvangirai. Why not put it to the test and desist from divide and rule tactics with racial overtones. A true master at divide at rule, Manheru even wants to ascribe the poor response of Tsvangirai’s audience in London to Ephraim Tapa.

As much as Tapa does have a constituency of asylum seekers around him, the truth is that any Zimbabwean who is in any country abroad would want to regularise his or her stay, and the Prime Minister’s message may not have gone down very well among them.

What they naturally wanted to hear was how the government was going to assist them to turn their presence in the UK into an opportunity to come back home bearing more than just their suitcases – an issue which got lost in the reaction.

But to suggest that by this Tsvangirai failed the test is to be as deluded as Jonathan whom Manheru turns to for support. Moyo’s article which Manheru said was “lethally persuasive” attracted the largest number of comments ever on, 90% of them negative.

And to expose the diabolical nature of the relationship between and Jonathan Moyo, when its editors realised that the comments were all negative, some of them really cutting, they removed the comments and stopped readers adding anymore comments to the article.

But I digress.

Manheru is deluded enough to think that Ambassador McGee’s comments, to the effect that Tsvangirai would not seek the removal of sanctions because he knows and shares in the purpose for which the sanctions were put in place in the first place, are somehow incriminating. No.

As a partner in the government he did his part in asking for them to be removed, but that does not mean he has to believe in it. The targeted sanctions are in fact what is going to make right-thinking Zanu (PF) politicians think twice before following Manheru’s and the hardliners’ road to hell.

And there is also nothing sinister in seeing the Inclusive Government as an institution which is going to create a level playing field to allow Zimbabweans to express themselves democratically, which will certainly see President Mugabe losing his hold on the levers of power and Tsvangirai taking the mandate that was given to him by the people a long time ago.

If Manheru was a genuine patriot, he would not defend Gideon Gono, Johannes Tomana and the JOC as victims of some diabolical MDC plot to somehow steal the ship of state from Mugabe in an undemocratic manner. 

Gono should actually be on trial for theft of depositor’s money and Tomana should be barred from practicing law for the excesses which he has allowed state agents to go to protect his job, by protecting his masters. JOC is disbanded.

How does Manheru convince himself that the Amnesty International head’s visit and damning report were staged and not real. He should real it. It is all real. The US Senate resolution was real; benchmarks have not been reached! The Human Rights Watch report on diamonds is being corroborated as we write. What is Gorge going to say when the bodies are unearthed?

Zanu (PF) can no longer convince anyone that there is a revolution in Zimbabwe. Those in Zanu (PF) are only waiting and hoping that MDC will improve things; that sanctions will be lifted so that they can go and access their US dollars stashed in the West, and that their ill-gotten wealth will not be tempered with.

China, as Manheru said, appeared hostile, or at best reticent because of the despotic and indefensible regime that was running and is still trying to hold on to Zimbabwe.

If China has indeed given this billion US dollars, then it is an expression of confidence in Tsvangirai and his Finance Minister Biti – otherwise the money should have come a long time ago. It was applied for in 2005!

Chimurenga chirikurira mumusoro mako iwewe chete George.