IOM Organising Temporary Return Of Health Professionals

The programme is aimed at contributing towards the improvement of health services in Zimbabwe and the training of health personnel at the UZ-CHS amid severe compromising of Zimbabwe’s Health sector owing to migration of health professionals to other countries in recent years.

"The initiative is focused on supporting health care delivery by harnessing the positive aspects of migration.

Individual health professionals are expected to spend a period of two weeks to one month in Zimbabwe and will be attached to a hospital to treat patients, conduct joint medical procedures with local personnel, provide administrative advice, and perform laboratory tests or else to provide lectures at the UZ-CHS or facilitating virtual learning in Zimbabwe.

"Those who qualify are Zimbabwean health professionals (medical doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, hospital technicians, hospital administrators and other health specialists currently residing in South Africa or the United Kingdom," said IOM.

The organisation indicated that health professionals should be registered with the relevant health professions council in Zimbabwe, legal residency status/work permit in the host country, health professionals and lectures who can devote to work for at least two weeks and that preference will be given to experienced health professionals.