Analysts play down Makoni's chances


    However, analysts and many Zimbabweans at large rule Makoni out saying that he is an untimely political entrant who is sure to fail.

    Political analyst John Makumbe, a professor at the University of Zimbabwe, has commented that while it is Makoni’s democratic right to form his own political party, it seems doubtful that his party will draw off many supporters from the country’s two main parties, the Movement for Democratic Change and President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF.

    Following Arthur Mutambara footsteps?

    The party’s interim chairperson Godfrey Chanetsa, President Robert Mugabe’s former press secretary, said they had heeded Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara’s statement during his speech on the occasion of the formation of the inclusive government that there was no more opposition party in Zimbabwe.

    “On that day rose an old man who stated unreservedly that the problem of opposition parties in Africa is that they want to take over from ruling parties (without real change),” said Chanetsa.

    The party’s statement of principles and policies says it will champion the division between resources of the state and those of the party.

    The party advocates “decentralisation of government authority and responsibility to as close as possible to the people it is expected to serve” and advocating for a “competent, efficient and non-partisan civil service, including the security sector, which will serve the interests of all Zimbabweans”.

    No Support, even from his own colleagues

    Some members of Makoni’s presidential campaign team including controversial newspaper publisher Ibbo Mandaza, former legislator Kindness Paradza and retired army major Kudzai Mbudzi who did not attend the launch.

    However, the three are part of a High Court action against Makoni – a battle for the control of the party and assets.

    Mandaza said: “This launch is null and void. The issue is before the courts.”

    Publicity white-wash

    It has also become apparent that Makoni has in the past months been utilising the services of a publicity commissar, one called by the name Denford Magora, who runs an informal news blog in which he claims to possess the latest news on Zimbabwe. The blog which shouts out 90% anti MDC and 100% anti ZANU PF content, has seen Magora defined in public as a ‘pure’ armature in news reporting, a shame-brush for Makoni.

    Groping for the sunshine

    I have often said that Makoni came out of ZANU PF ‘hole’ groping for the sunshine. Who among the powerful rural electorate knows Makoni? Noone. It is only the educated middle class of the urban territories of Harare and Bulawayo who might know a little about this Samanyika. The current political turmoil has revealed that there are two politic-bulls in Zimbabwe, ZANU PF, and the MDC. Where does this Makoni party fit in? Makoni says that the MDC has been swallowed by ZANU PF and that ‘there is no more fighting’ between them. This is another blind misconception. The man who claims to have the magic formula for Zimbabwe’s still yet fails to distinguish between fact and fantasy.


    My persuasion leads me to conclude that it will take another 20 years for Makoni to crawl out of his cold dungeon. However, by that time, the election veteran will have passed the 70 years life-marker.