Teacher, money-changer, fuel dealer, thigh vendor — all rolled in one

WHAT is this that we hear about this fortune hunter who is venturing into any trade that guarantees her an extra penny? 

Initially Blabber was not whether she is a teacher or hairdresser given the time she spends in saloons gossiping and scouting for moneyed men in the city.  Some know her as a teacher in that other suburb whose name has something to do with water while others recognise her as a shrewd money-changer who has equally perfected the art of luring those with the greenback.

Some know her as a reliable fuel supplier while others are familiar with her because of her shameless sexual shenanigans. She stays in that hilly suburb near a referral health institution. To be honest, Blabber has nothing against her talents in sourcing cash, given the economic difficulties the nation is going through, but the bone of contention is that she is married woman, with a child.

Yours Truly has it on good authority that she is dating this other pot bellied law enforcer at a nearby border post and drives a sport car of the Toyota family with a unique spoiler. Apart from this plain cloth cop, the generous rabbi is also dolling the forbidden fruit to this other money changer who rides in a pallid truck – an illicit affair happening at one of these roadside money changing spots right under Blabber’s nose in the city.

All this is happening irrespective of the fact that her poor hubby comes to the ‘happy home’ and the couple is now in their 11th year of ‘blissful’ marriage.   

Gentle reader, she is a jack of all trades in the city, but a master none!

Fake prophet pouncing on young girls.Gentle reader, I will not waste much of your time by going to town about this other fake fat prophet whose name is similar to that of a city somewhere in the middle of our country. Yes, the fat one with the brains of a rat. That slow thinking dude that resides in that suburb whose name has something to do water and drives a ramshackle hoary Merc.

The reason I will not waste much of your time about his exposed sexual shenanigans is that Blabber is contemplating penning a detailed piece that will name and shame such social misfits. Check the next issue of this widely read broadsheet.

Like I have always said, Blabber will stop at nothing in preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric. In the meantime, remember to take good care of your loved ones!