ZAPU-D blasts Tsvangirai


    Speaking in an interview after a botched party stormy meeting in Leicester, the chairman of a faction ZAPU interim committee, Mr Tichaona Dauramanzi said it was uncouth for Mr Tsvangirai, a man who has first hand experience of Robert Mugabe’s brutality to urge Zimbabweans living in Britain to return home, yet his own children were living comfortable in Australia.

    The other UK ZAPU faction is headed by former Zimbabwe Human Rights boss Nicholas Ndebele who claims legitmacy. It is believed the factions are now called ZAPU-D (for the faction led by Tichaona Dauramanzi and ZAPU-N for Nicholas Ndebele’s outfit).

    The factions are linked to the infighting in ZAPU’s leadership in Zimbabwe, with Dauramanzi representing the faction headed by Dumiso Dabengwa and Nicholas Ndebele aligned to Cyril Ndebele.  

    The deposed interim Chairman Tichaona Duaramanzi said in a statement, "despite being an internationally recognised leader of the once powerful Zimbabwean opposition, MDC, Mr Tsvangirai had, at some stage taken refuge at the Dutch embassy in Harare running away from Mr Mugabe’s hit squad."

    At another stage, he was tortured in police cells and was photographed by the international media with scars and swollen face. The question asked by Mr Dauramanzi was: what about those who are not in the public eye, whom Mugabe can kill with impunity in which the outside world will never ever know? 

    Many ask questions what has Mr Mugabe done to the once vociferous and people-centred MDC leader who is now trotting the globe trying to rebrand Mr Mugabe as an innocent president when his hands are dribbling with our blood.

    "It is very disappointing for Zimbabweans to hear Mr Tsvangirai telling them to go back home where even 94 percent of the able-bodied young people are unemployed, where only 6 percent of the nation is employed. This amounts to proof of his poor leadership skills, he has failed to realise how much the Zimbabweans in diaspora have been contributing to the livelihood of their families back home," said Mr Dauramanzi.

    Instead, Mr Dauramanzi said, ZAPU would help those applying for asylum in Britain and elsewhere in view of the recently produced Amnesty International report which confirmed continuing abuses.

    "Amnesty International is a well respected human rights organisation, its findings are accurate and factual," he said.

    However, speaking on the BBC Andrew Marr television show on Sunday Mr Tsvangirai challenged the veracity of the Amnesty Interanational report, saying it had been overtaken by events much to the chargrin of Zimbabweans who supported the MDC in Britain.

    Mr Dauramanzi added: "We believe that Zimbabweans living here are the very people who have kept Zimbabwe alive by supporting their families and we also are aware that without the contribution of the diasaporans the country would have been reduced to tatters. Zimbabweans in Britain continue to contribute to the rebuilding of the country and we expected Mr Tsvangirai to plead with the British government to assist those applying for asylum instead of telling the British government to return them home".

    "These people living here did not come here at their own will, some of them have suffered the most traumatic experience under the hands of Mr Mugabe. For such people to return home, there must be special programmes to rehabilitate these people and assurance for safety. Mr Tsvangirai must know that home is best and know one at his/her volition would want to live away from hom, but if living away from home is the best means of sparring one’s life, then it is the best thing to do," said the marverick ZAPU-D interim chairman.

    "ZAPU is advocating for better living conditions of Zimabweans in Britain whilst we improve conditions back home for future voluntary returns. This is what ZAPU is saying to authorities that there should be no forced removals for Zimbabweans because everyone knows Mr Mugabe’s brutality. As far as we are concerned nothing has changed because Mr Mugabe is still in power, Augustine Chihuri is still commanding the police, the notorius CIOs are still a product of ZANU-PF. This means that Mr Mugabe’s brutal machinery is still intact," he said.

    Mr Dauramanzi said against these things, it was depressing for Tsvangirai to travel the world telling Zimbabweans to return home when "we know clearly that his children are well secure in Australia".

    "This was irresponsible for Mr Tsvangirai and he should apologise to Zimababweans for selling them out like that and Zimbabweans are not happy. We know that Mr Tsvangirai cannot even guarantee the safety of his own MPs and cabinet ministers. He does not even have faith in the education system that he wants to impose on our children whilst his are studying abroad. A word of advice Mr Prime Minister, lead by example, get your own children back before you sentence other peoples".

    "ZAPU understands the challenges that come with living in a foreign land and is promising all the help to its membership. This is a promise that we are keeping," said Mr Dauramanzi.