Miss Zimbabwe unveils models

Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Marry Chiwenga (left) poses with some of the Miss World Zimbabwe contestants

Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Marry Chiwenga (left) poses with some of the Miss World Zimbabwe contestants

Brenda Phiri Entertainment Reporter—
More promises of perfection have once again been made about the upcoming Miss World Zimbabwe 2015. The grand finale is scheduled for this Saturday at Mermaids Pool in Shamva. The question on people’s minds is “will the organisers, Miss Zimbabwe Trust, deliver this year”. The trust unveiled 15 finalists at a sashing ceremony held in Harare over the weekend.

Chairperson, Marry Chiwenga said, just like last year, they were confident they would come up with a perfect queen.

“I believe that last year there wasn’t anything we said we could do that we didn’t do. We executed our mission perfectly well. If the girls misbehaved then the Trust cannot do anything about that.

“Last year’s Miss Zimbabwe is the same as this year’s,” she said in reference to the turn of events that saw two queens being dethroned last year.

She revealed that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be guest of honour at the pageant.

Chiwenga said odds were on their side with sponsors who believed in their cause. She said they had a huge budget.

“Camp cost alone was $165 000. They went to Victoria Falls on March 27 and came back today (Friday). They flew from there and that is a different amount altogether. Our tent is about $11 000, but that is not all. We also have costs that we will incur from entertaining guests with expensive wine and whiskey,” she said.

Chiwenga, however, raised concerns over the Miss World judging process.

“We have always had the right girls to bring the crown home. But Miss World for me is more of a race thing. They judge you more on your skin than anything else. But I believe our girls have what it takes to take the crown,” she said.

Speaking of their camp activities, the former model said they had taken away the finalists mobile phones so that they focus on grooming. She added that in the past month, they had undergone intense studying of civic and current affairs as well as doing sports.

All is set for the pageant whose theme is “Probity”.

While the prizes have not been officially unveiled, one of the sponsors, Kia, has given the Miss Zimbabwe trust a brand new car.