‘I’m not quitting politics’

SUPERMODEL Rairo Chengetai Gunguwo, who cat-walked into the world of politics when she contested for the Seke parliamentary seat in this year’s harmonised elections, said although she lost the election, she will not quit politics.


Rairo Gunguwo

The former Miss Universities first princess (2012) and holder of a politics and public management degree, yesterday told NewsDay Weekender Life & Style that giving up because she lost an election was not an option.

“This election taught me a lot about my country and its people. I got to deeply realise that an election was only one small part of the solution. Our mindset and the capacity of those elected into office mattered. It is very unfortunate that as a nation, we are still far from realising that ideas change the quality of life and not gifts,” Gunguwo said.

“Elections are one part of politics. It’s a bigger world that requires the collective effort of the government and its people for it to function. Ignorance is costly and I am sure Zimbabweans see that now.”

The 27-year-old beauty said losing an election does not mean losing one’s capacity as development can still be done out of public office.

“Public office just makes it easier to implement certain things. I am continuing with struggle of my generation, the torch is very much still lit, showing us where it is we need to go. I am working with the youth and I am still continuing with my work. I am working on something big coming up very soon,” she said.

Gunguwo said although she had turned to politics, she would not toss away her modelling career.

Gunguwo said politics would, however, enable her to break barriers and open doors for young people aspiring to serve their communities and she wants to play a role in her “generation’s struggle”.