Independence Supplement – Zim @35: Yes, so far so good

Agriculture is a key driver of Zim-Asset

Agriculture is a key driver of Zim-Asset

Archie Tsanga
The journey of a thousand miles begins with only a step.

It is also said that Rome was not in a day.

The journey of Zimbabwe since 1980 has been characterised by ups and downs but in general the motif of #1980sofarsogood is right on the spot.

The Government, even in the face of harsh economic sanctions that have cost the country over $40 billion, has made significant and notable progress and the Zimbabwean populace particularly youths born after 1980 must cherish and acknowledge the hard work that has been done by this nation’s builders.

The greatest legacy a father can leave to a child is freedom and means of production to create more and as a generation born after independence, we should be more thankful and indeed be custodians of this legacy and uphold and defend our sovereignty.

As Zimbabweans what we have endured because of the illegal sanctions has only made us stronger and more resolute.

We have stood by our leadership and like the biblical Promised Land where honey and milk was promised to flow.

Indeed through the leadership of President Mugabe, honey and milk will flow in all the corners of the country.

The Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZIM-ASSET) is one policy which if embraced by all Zimbabweans will take this country to another level and position this country as one of the most performing economies in the world.

This policy dovetails into the grander nationalist politics from the days of the liberation struggle in the 60s whose main thrust was to empower the black majority and return all the resources to the black majority and enable local Zimbabweans to be owners of the means of production.

The major objective of Zim-Asset is towards an empowered society and a growing economy and all Zimbabweans, particularly the youths, need to complement such efforts of being empowered and as a result lead to economic growth and it is everyone’s duty to build Zimbabwe.

As we celebrate our 35 years of independence, let us take a moment to reflect where we are coming from and where we going. Our Government has done a lot for its people in all the sectors of the economy.

Education for all has led Zimbabwe to be one of the few countries with a high literacy level of above 90 percent.

More schools, tertiary institutions and universities have been built and more are being built to cater for even more generations to come.

The less privileged are even accessing education through BEAM and in universities they is the cadetship scheme to allow all students to access education.

In the health sector, more doctors and nurses are being trained unlike the situation before 1980 and government through the Public Service Commission and Health Services Board has promised to cater and improve the welfare of health workers.

Hospitals both in urban and rural centres are being built and medical drugs being sourced with government working to restock the National Pharmacy to cater for its people.

The Zimbabwean Government has created an enabling environment that has ushered in a new crop of indigenous businesspeople, which is what this economy needs.

The Government has promised to provide 2 million jobs during its five-year mandate and to retrogressive people it is like building castles in the air but to progressive and patriotic Zimbabweans, it is achievable.

Only, it is not going to be possible should they fold their hands and wait for jobs to fall from the sky like the biblical manna from heaven.

We need to fully utilise our resources for the benefit of our economy.

Government has even come up with SME’s and Cooperative Policy and this has led to the creation of opportunities for business, skills development and funding for all business ventures especially start-ups and those run by previously disadvantaged individuals.

In other words forming a business in such an environment is now as easy as buying a loaf of bread.

Should a thousand youths employ at least 10 each, simple arithmetic will prove it is very easy, we only needs to fully understanding what President Mugabe is saying when he talks of black empowerment.

Through Zim-Asset, Government has pledged to recapitalise SEDCO and strengthen the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Infrastructural Development Bank of Zimbabwe to help all small business with potential to create more employment and contribute to the country Zim @35: yes, so far so good.

The bigger the dream, the more violent the enemy will come against you, that is why America and her allies are still holding on to the sanctions even if they have not yielded the regime change they sought.

President Mugabe and his lieutenants Hon Vice Presidents Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko and all their predecessors, the likes of Joshua Nkomo, Landa John Nkomo, Simon Muzenda and Joseph Msika all had a dream for Zimbabwe, and that is why the enemy fought so hard to destroy this vision and dream.

It is the duty of every Zimbabwean who knows his/her history to ensure that the enemy’s wishes do not come to pass.

Zimbabwe is in the limelight all over the world because of the natural resources we have got.

Europe will never have an interest in a country they do not seek to benefit from.

Europe had an interest in Libya’s oil thus they took centre stage in the ruthless killing of Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi in what they called the Arab spring. Up to now that country is still unstable and they only reap blood day in day out.

As Zimbabweans we need to stand by the revolutionary leadership which not only has defied all odds but also refused to be bullied by America and her allies.

Zimbabweans should now focus on homegrown solutions like Zim-Asset.

Besides, the country has all whether friends like the Chinese who are willing to partner Zimbabwe.

God loves Zimbabwe and its people, even however hard it is, we must remain resolute for joy cometh in the morning.

The Government of Zimbabwe has committed itself to emancipate its people and it is our duty to complement the efforts.

Just like the church is preaching the gospel of prosperity so is President Mugabe, so is Zanu-PF and it is very possible to see the full implementation of Zim-Asset.

Now is the time to grab opportunities created by President Mugabe.

Yes Zimbabwe we can! Happy 35th Birthday Zimbabwe!

Archie Tsanga is a businessman and the CEO of Zimbabwe Young Achievers Forum. He is an advocate of black empowerment and member of Team Zanu-PF