A new people drive-constitution will restore people’s dignity – Khupe


    Addressing a crowd that gathered at the party’s tenth anniversary celebratory rally at Gokwe Centre on Sunday, Khupe said the people’s voice can only be heard if they take part in the crafting of a new Constitution.

    “I urge each of you to take part in the drafting of the Constitution as this is the only way your issues will be heard.  The Kariba Draft that ZANU PF is talking about is a nonentity,” she said.

    She accused ZANU PF of trying to scupper the drafting of a new Constitution by forcing the Kariba Draft on the people of Zimbabwe.

    “However, Zanu PF’s move will not work as the will of the people will prevail and we will have a people-driven Constitution at the end of the day.

    This process will enable people to be free to move anywhere, anytime without being harassed.”

    Constitution will democratise public institutions such as the police and defence forces,” she said.

    Khuphe said the MDC had joined the inclusive government in order to restore basic services such as health and education.

    “The MDC remains an independent party with its own agenda but we went into the inclusive government to serve the people,” she said.

    The 10th anniversary celebrations are being held under the theme “Celebrating a decade of courage, conviction and courage.”

    Meanwhile, armed soldiers prevented thousands of MDC supporters from attending the rally as they set up roadblocks along the major roads leading to Gokwe Centre.

    The soldiers are operating under Operation Maguta.