Minister wants vandals fired

Minister Chombo

Minister Chombo

Tendai Mbirimi Herald Reporter
Government should fire employees who destroy State property and retain only those who add value in their discharge of duty, a Cabinet Minister has said.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Ignatius Chombo, said this at last week’s official opening of the Mashonaland East police provincial headquarters commanders’ block in Marondera.

“My long stay in Government has taught me that there are three kinds of civil servants or public officers,” he said.

“There are those that look after the resources well and add no extra value; those that keep and add value whom we must keep, and those who, when given a post will carelessly handle and wreck Government resources, and these we should get rid of from Government’s payroll.” The block of offices was built with the assistance of the Marondera business community and well-wishers from other towns.

It comprises 10 offices and ablution facilities.

“On behalf of my ministry, I accept this new building with a grateful heart without any reservations,” said Minister Chombo. “Indeed, there is clear manifestation of teamwork involving the public, the police and other Government departments.”

Minister Chombo urged police officers to shun corruption in order to enjoy public support as they carry out their duties.

Speaking at the same occasion, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri urged officers to emulate Senior Assistant Commissioner commanding Mashonaland East, Dr Charles Makono who only came into the province in February last year but had managed to mobilise resources for the construction of the block.

“I want to thank the provincial command for not sitting in the wooden offices waiting for their turn to leave upon transfer to another province with better offices,” he said.

“Real commanders are not like birds which fly from one tree to the other carrying along their shadow, but they leave footprints at places as evidence of their having been there.” In 2014, Mashonaland East recorded 17 368 criminal cases compared to 18 354 in 2013.