Must be Mnangagwa’s turn unless…

IN my article on September 28, 2011 (the Financial Gazette) entitled Must be VP Mujuru’s turn unless…, I made the observation that the ZANU-PF succession issue is the “most topical, emotive, and intriguing item on the national agenda”.
\nThe key observations I made were that:
\n-Edgar Tekere and Solomon Mujuru were the kingmakers in propelling (President) Robert Mugabe to the leadership of ZANU -PF in 1977;
\n-Solomon Mujuru was the visible godfather of the Mujuru faction;
\n-The Emmerson Mnangagwa faction’s political godfather was, at the moment, shadowy and faceless;
\n-The ZANU-PF leader, President Mugabe, had over the years cunningly played the two factions against each other to emerge as the indispensable unifier (Mlamla kunzi);
\n-In manipulating the two factions, the position of the secretary of administration changed hands regularly between Didymus Mutasa and Emmerson Mnangagwa.
\nI concluded the article by asking: What final punishment awaits the bhoramusango schemers (the Mujuru faction)?
\nWhat reward awaits the loyalists who formulated and implemented the June 27 presidential 2008 election re-run strategy (the Mnangagwa faction)?
\nNow that general Mujuru and Tekere have passed on, who will emerge as the ultimate kingmaker in ZANU-PF?
\nMy submission in September 2011 was that there was no succession crisis in ZANU-PF because the hierarchical structure clearly defined and pinpointed Joice Mujuru as the heir-apparent. Unless…
\nLet us go back to the 2004 ZANU-PF congress.
\nThe Mnangagwa faction went to the 2004 congress in a commanding position vis-a-vis the Mujuru faction. The faction controlled six out of 10 provinces. Arising from the Tsholotsho debacle the provincial victories were reversed on the grounds that the Mnangagwa faction was planning a “palace coup” against President Mugabe.
\nThe ZANU leader, joined hands with the Mujuru faction to decimate the Mnangagwa faction. Didymus Mutasa was recalled from the internal political wilderness, dusted up and given the position of secretary of administration while Mnangagwa was relegated to political back waters.
\nNow fast-forward to the 2014 ZANU-PF congress.
\nGoing to the 2014 ZANU-PF congress the Mujuru faction was in exactly the same commanding position that the Mnangagwa faction was before the 2004 congress. The Mujuru faction reportedly controlled nine out of 10 party provinces. The accusations of a palace coup encore themselves and the resultant pattern of retributions are the same except that:


-Grace Mugabe —who did not have a hierarchy position before the 2014 congress — entered the fray and took her stand with the Mnangagwa faction against the Mujuru faction;
\n-The reprisals and brick bats are much harsher and severe than those visited on the Mnangagwa faction in 2004;
\n-The Mujuru faction is locked out and is being haunted from the ZANU-PF political process;
\n-In the past, the two factions were allowed to co-exist in a fomenting cold war state.
\nThis time around, the subtle cloak and dagger approach towards factionalism was dropped. The Grace Mugabe tsunami applied the scotched-earth process and took no prisoners in its dealings with/against the “Gammatox bhora musango” faction.
\nIt is now political open warfare. Clearly, the Mugabes have finally made up their minds to trust their future in the hands of the Mnangagwa faction — no more tsuro/kalulu the hare, fejafeja or wapusa wapusa games.
\nThe writing is boldly and clearly on the wall that the First Family is with the Mnangagwa aka Tsholotsho aka Gang of Four faction of ZANU -PF.
\nThis then settles once and for all the mystery and question as to who was/is the Mnangagwa faction’s political godfather.
\nWhither ZANU-PF?
\nIt is a fact that the faction that is presided over by President Mugabe is doing a political cleansing exercise to smoke out the Gammatox bhora musango aka Mujuru faction from the structures of the party.
\nThis process will, as a matter of course, split the party at the core. As far as, the Mnangagwa group is concerned, it is better to have an open organic split than risk a co-existence that might facilitate an internal regrouping, re-strategising and re-launching of an assault for leadership by the Mujuru faction.
\nThe end result of the process is to have a monolithic and truly pro-Mugabe ZANU-PF. The clear signal is that the President has finally decided on his political end-game and succession.
\nThe Mujuru faction will, in the fullness of time, emerge as a full blooded political party away from President Mugabe. The faction was forcibly and unceremoniously ejected from its lifelong political home; naturally it will create a home for itself.
\nYes, just like the MDC, we are going to have ZANU-PF (Mugabe) and ZANU PF (Mujuru/whatever).