At The Zimbabwe Mail we're moaning the death of the greatest entertainer of alltime

For a moment I feel like unleashing Robert Mugabe and Joseph Chinotimba on them.

For a moment I feel like Robert Mugabe is right.

The whole thing borders on racism.

I’m a Michael Jackson fan, you know. Its a very very sad day for some of us. I grew up right in the Wacko’s time at the top. There will never be such a great entertainer.

Not in a million years!

I have had tears running down all night, this morning and now.

I have never been to Wacko’s show, but I went to see his sister Janet Jackson in Berlin, Germany 10 years ago.

Today is very very sad day for me.

Winding back down memory Lane, at boarding school, boys dzekuZengeza 3 it was Charles Dzvairo, Wellington Musiyiwa, Promise Dabeta, Emmson Mangwengwende, and myself we used to call ourselves the Jackson 5 and Promise was the Wacko of the group.

One evening, after the usual Saturday evening entertainment at boarding, Promise (our Jacko) was singing Thriller and he decided to take his clothes from the drying-line, but he didn’t take note of the other line running parallel, and so in the middle of darkness, in full speed, he planted his neck in the wire and it sprung him up and threw him a few metres and for a good few seconds he lost his marbles.

The Boarding master drove him to hospital that night and from that day, he was never called Promise again – yes, he was the Jacko of Presbytarian Secondary School.

Promise said, when he lost consciousness, he found himself staring Mikero (as the Japanese used to call him) in a Thriller video.

Sorry folks today we’re moaning the death of the greatest entertainer of alltime and so don’t expect much from us in terms of our usual Zimbabwean news coverage and this weekend is for Micheal, as well.

It is true to the wafaanaka African theme, they’re all now urologising about the man they have ganged up to belittle and attack on trumped up charges.

Even the black entertainers who have avoided to support Micheal in his lows are saying bla bla bla …..hee heeee he was my idol!

Come give us a break! Where have you been when we needed you!


The Zimbabwe Mail media tycoon.

M B Musonza