Virginity jibe ends marriage

Court Reporter
A woman on Tuesday pleaded with a Harare Civil Court magistrate to give her ex-boyfriend a tough penalty for ruining her marriage after he told her husband that he was the one who broke her virginity.

Moila Chifodya claimed Justice Masese frequented their matrimonial home where he kept telling her husband that she was still his girlfriend.

Chifodya was seeking a protection order against Masese whom she accused of breaching her peace.

“I want the court to give him a tough penalty because he ruined my marriage after frequenting our matrimonial home telling my husband that he was the one who broke my virginity,” she said.

Chifodya told magistrate Mr Trevor Nyatsanza that Masese was in the habit of harassing her demanding a skirt he bought for her during the good days of their relationship.

“I am sick and tired of being verbally abused by this man because he follows me everywhere I go demanding that I give back a skirt he bought me,” said Chifodya.

Chifodya told the court that her husband will never take her back because of what Masese told him.

Masese denied the allegations levelled against him by Chifodya saying she once told him that the man whom she is calling husband was her brother.

“I am not abusing her in any way because we are not in talking terms,” he said.

Mr Nyatsanza granted the application in Chifodya’s favour.

He also ordered Masese to keep peace towards Chifodya at all times.