Media Reforms A Priority – Mutambara

Professor Mutambara told a news conference on Wednesday in Harare ahead of a two day Zimbabwe re-branding workshop that the government is taking the issue as a priority.

“We are moving very fast to put in place the Zimbabwe Media commission that will replace the Media and Information Commission…because we have realized that the media is essential in re-branding the country’s image."

“Our own people do not trust our local media. Zimbabweans depend on foreign media to hear their story and have since lost trust with ZBC and the Herald.  It is high time we open up the media," he said.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Chief Executive Karikoga Kaseke said at the same briefing that current media laws had negatively affected the tourism industry.

“We are every time confronted by foreign media in the international tourism conference where ever we go and those people are willing to come to Zimbabwe. If I had the authority to open up the media I would have done it like yesterday,” said Kaseke.

The government last Friday closed the deadline for receiving applications for the newly proposed Zimbabwe Media Commission.

The MIC was responsible for the closure of many newspapers such as the Daily News and its sister paper the Daily News on Sunday, the Tribune and a number of radio and television broadcasting stations and in the process leaving hundreds of journalists unemployed.