Soul Jah Love runs amok

soul jah loveTawanda Marwizi  Arts Correspondent
Noise seems to follow Soul Jah Love everywhere, this time it was a scene at Zebra Night Club in Mbare on Sunday as he tried to stop fans into entering a venue and lure them to a free alternative show nearby alleging that the organisers had put his name up him without his agreement.

According to adverts Soul Jah Love was supposed to perform with Suluman Chimbetu for a family show at Zebra Night Club.

The “Ndini Uya Uya” song maker arrived at the venue around 5 pm and addressed fans queueing to go in: “The Conquering Family is not playing here we are not even aware of the show. Come at Matapi flats we are having a free show there,” he told fans.

He said he was setting a stage and a PA system few meters away so that his fans could enjoy free music. The bar owner and Chimbetu’s manager Pliers Pureni tried to the ranting chanter down, but he was having none of it.

He threatened to beat them all saying he was a big artiste who need to be respected. “If you come close I will beat, you get away. How can you put me on your poster without my permission?” he fumed.

Some of his band members also started making moves towards Pureni and the venue proprietor. But then it began to appear that Soul Jah Love’s wife and manager Bounty Lisa knew about the show although she also blamed the show organisers.

“When these guys put up their posters they had not communicated with us. We then tried our best to get in touch with them and we agreed on gate takings,” she said.

Not to be calmed down Soul Jah Love threatened to fire Bounty Lisa as his manager. “If Bounty messes up then I will fire her regardless of our marriage,” he ranted.

Sulu publicist Joe Nyamungoma claimed that they had communicated with the dancehall musician but could not give further details. “Yes there is a small misunderstanding but we are handling everything,” he said.

The Herald Entertainment later contacted Soul Jah Love who threatened to beat up this reporter. “Ukudei, ndozvamajairaka , manje ndinokudhinda. Imhosva here kuudza ma fans angu kuti handisi kuperformer pano.(What do you want, you are up to your usual tricks. Try it and I will smash you. Is it a crime to tell my fans that I am not performing at the show?),” he said before hanging up his phone.

It is not clear if he was being a bad boy or a victim of unscrupulous promoters, but what is inescapable is that negative energy just seems to be all over Soul Jah Love like margarine on bread.